Old, Older, Oldest

The old adage "Age is just a number” is especially true in the context of rum.  Age is not necessarily an indicator of quality, no worldwide standard for age declaration exists, and the dark color imparted by resting in oak barrels for years can be (and is) faked by adding caramel.  However, these three timeless beauties all deserve a taste test - you’ll be pleased (and perhaps surprised) by the results.

Kirk and Sweeney 18 Label-RG1Panama-Pacific 23 Label SM-RG1Santiago de Cuba 20 Label-RG1

Kirk and Sweeney 18 Year Old   “Buy it for the rum inside that story-telling bottle.  On any given night, one of the three Kirk and Sweeney rums is just right.  All are aged beauties; but the 18 year old expression hits all the right chords – balance, flavor, complexity – it’s rich with fresh oak aromas and flavor.

Santiago de Cuba 20 AñosCompared with the more immediate aromatic attack of some popular Cuban rums, this 20 años is their kinder, gentler cousin, more well turned out, at peace with itself and minus the others' revolutionary zeal.

Panama-Pacific 23 Year Old “the bouquet amply displays the characteristics of the best Panamanian rum; vanilla, caramel and gentle wood notes.  The appearance is an entertaining demonstration, shining a bright copper-amber color …"

Festival Rum Bahamas is almost upon us.  Sample great rum and local food inside historic Fort Charlotte on Nassau, February 26-28.  If you can attend only one rum festival in 2016, make it this one mate.

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