Real Vanilla Rum

Tahitian vanilla bean pods-Cover -RG1

Show me the Bean!  Vanilla and rum are a perfect match.  Whether the vanilla flavor comes from a real vanilla bean pod, aging in oak barrels,  or artifically induced in spiked rums that are destined for drowning in cola, our favorite tropical vanilla spice has near-universal appeal.  Exhibited this month are four rums flavored with real vanilla beans.  One rhum is from Madagascar. Two bean species are in play, and Three more rhums come straight from Tahiti.  All deliver interesting flavor.  

Dzama Vanilla Label-RG2Manutea Vanille Label-RG1Noa Noa Gold Vanilla Rum LabelTamure Ambré Vanille Label-RG1

Dzama Vanilla Rhum Ambre   … powerful scents of sweet creamy vanilla, mild flour pastry and butter … trading complexity for harmony; after all, pure Madagascar vanilla needs little help with enticing flavor.   

Manutea Rhum Vanille … a perfume-like bouquet of floral Tahitian vanilla wafts lazily from the slender bottle immediately after the cork cap is removed, true to the scent in the air surrounding the lush island of Mo’orea.

Noa Noa Tahitian Gold Vanilla Rum … One sip and you know your drinking real Tahitian vanilla flavored rum. The taste is pure vanilla delight, sincerely decadent rather than overpowering.   

Tamure Vanilla Rhum Ambre  … Will Tamure Amber Vanille rhum make you as lean as a vanilla bean, dance as rhythmically as a Tahitian, or enhance your powers of seduction?  Not likely.  But it adds pleasure to your French Polynesian vacation, and that’s invaluable.


Travel and Events 
Rum Gallery hosts another Caribbean Rum Cruise with Island Windjammers on their magnficient schooner Diamant, sailing from the Spice Isle of Grenada July 10 -16.  

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