Extra Old rhum from Guadeloupe and Martinique, the two jewel-like islands of the French West Indies.  Sharing equal status as overseas Departments of France and separated by a mere 60 miles, the islands are famous for the World’s most distinct style of rhum.  Despite their geographic proximity and a common nationality, the islands  have uniquely different vibes.  That individuality applies to their rhums agricole.  Locals on each island might even offer a comical disregard for the other island’s rhum.  Vive la différence!

Clément X.O Label-RG1Damoiseau XO Label-RG1

Clément X.O  "I liken tasting this rhum to an entrée – and of course dessert is included.  You’ll discover a mild flavor of semi-sweet, high-cocoa-content chocolate before a balanced medley of spices …"

Damoiseau X.O  "… is no beginner’s rhum, but it is one of the first I would  choose when initiating a curious rum aficionado to the pleasure that is rhum vieux agricole." 

Depaz XO Label-RG1Dillon XO Label-RG1

Depaz XO  "… presents the perfume-like aromas so characteristic of the aged rhum produced at the historic Depaz distillery."

Dillon XO  "A perfume of sweet oak, anise, coriander and nutmeg spices, vegetal grassy cane – they’re all immediately present in the ether of the bouquet." 

Rhum J.M XO Label-RG2

Rhum J.M X.O   "Swirl, wait a moment, and watch hundreds of tiny beads collect at the upper reaches of the trace. They form into legs slowly - some full length, some so short they never return to the spirit below - but all add to the aromatic volatility of this incredible smelling rhum." 

La Mauny XO Label-RG1

La Mauny X.O. “One sip, and the aromas beget supple unctuous flavors, nearly manifesting gingerbread, tropical fruit and the herbaceous sugarcane grassiness so traditionally de rigueur of rhums agricole."

Longueteau XO Label-RG1

Longueteau XO  "Sniffed in earnest, Longueteau XO reveals the magical sensation of dipping your nose straight into a rhum barrel.  Secondary notes include sweet buttery croissants…"

Sagitta off Nevis

Caribbean Rum Cruise 
Rum Gallery and Island Windjammers host another Rum Cruise aboard schooner Sagitta, sailing St. Martin, St. Bart’s, St. Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla and more November 15-21.   

La Route du Rhum-RG

La Route du Rhum
Take a photo tour of Martinique's La Mauny rhum distillery here.

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