Rums of Bahamas

Bahamas has woken up to fine rum.  Exhibited here are three of the finest rums produced in those Northern Atlantic islands.  They have much in common, yet each offers unique flavors expressing their master's taste.  Most are distributed only in the Bahamas.  Anyone fancy an islands vacation?

Afrohead 15 Label-RG1JAB EXO Label-RG1

Afrohead 15 Year Old Grand Reserve's  magic genie displays herself as a richly-hued copper colored beauty in my tasting glass.  Swirling her around gently reveals preposterously heavy legs - I suspect this Afrohead lady has a serious sweet tooth.   

J.A.B. EXO is selected from among a few single barrel rums out of Trinidad Distillers Ltd. aged stocks.  Its aromatic and flavor signature is pure Angostura pedigree, yet J.A.B. EXO is considerably richer and more refined than the vast majority of those rums. 

John Watling's Buena Vista Label-RG1Plantation Multi-Island-Hew-Label-RG1

John Watling's 5 Year Old Buena Vista Rum … brings us the best of the Bahamas.  They didn’t have to blend column- and bit of pot still rums (but I’m glad they did), and they don’t have to finish maturing and marrying the blend in expensive French oak Sherry barrels – but … 

Plantation Multi-Island Sweet Smoke rum is a limited bottling, and one lucky source is Kamalame Cay resort, Bahamas. Three amazing rums from St. Lucia, Guyana and Jamaica are individually aged on native soil, then matured separarely in France in used Cognac barrels before all three rums are combined for a final maturation.  The results are incredible. 

Travel and Events 

Jhn Watling's Distillery.  Great Rum from Bahamas.  Let's take a tourSailing French Polynesisa March-May 2015

Take a photo tour of the John Watling's Distillery on Bahamas.

The Rum Gallery yacht is sailing in the South Pacfic March-May, scouring the Society Islands around Tahiti to bring news of more rum.  Stay tuned…

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