Running the Rum Line 

Aside from their nautical-themed stories and Caribbean heritage, these three rums have little in common.  Appreciate beyond the branding:  the stories within their trade names reveal anecdotes from history: of prohibition, rum runner's ships and the men who sailed on both sides of the rum line. Oh, and the rums taste good too.  

Kirk and Sweeney 23 Label-RG1

Kirk and Sweeney 23 Year Old - presents a corollary to the mystery of how ships get in a bottle, the tasteful packaging tells the story of a ship on a bottle.  The schooner S/V Kirk and Sweeney delivered contraband to New York’s posh Long Island, whose East end was a thirsty port of call during prohibition. Kirk and Sweeney – the rum – offers a richly complete sensory journey, consistently excellent from scents to taste to sign-off.

Real McCoy 3-Label -RG2Jack Tar label

The Real McCoy 3 Year Old - During Prohibition, ex-US Navy officer Bill McCoy delivered contraband  spirits in his schooners, sailing from the Bahamas and Caribbean to French Islands in the North Atlantic, the US East Coast and Long Island.  McCoy sold booze  safely outside the three-mile limit until 1923, when the U.S. Coast Guard  and seized his vessel.  

Jack Tarr - Jack Tar was a respectful term for a seamen in thee Royal Navy, and came to be common slang for accomplished deckhands during the age of sail.  The daily Rum Tot officially rationed to sailors (Jack Tars) of the Royal Navy is generally thought to have been a blend of heavy rums sourced from Jamaica and Guyana, perhaps similar to the rum reviewed here.

Sagitta off Nevis

Caribbean Rum Cruise 
Join The Rum Gallery as we team up with Island Windjammers to host another Rum Cruise on their stately sailing schooner Sagitta. We sail from St. Martin November 15-21.  Ports of call include St. Bart’s, St. Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla and more.  Get your your rum on while island hopping in paradise.   

Rum Festivals

California Rum festivalwebsite st maarten poster-1

California Rum Festival - visit beautiful San Francisco, on September 12 for its first ever rum fest.  The “City by the Bay” is a drinker’s town, home to some of the bet rum bars in the World. 

Caribbean Rum and Beer FestivalSt. Martin hosts this year’s event, back for more rum and more fun in the tropical sun from November 6-8.

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