Rums of South America

South America Focus-RG1

Four rums from various countries of South America are featured in this month's exhibit.  In Suriname we find the small SAB distillery producing very tasty rums under the Borgoe brand.  Their 8 Year Old rum is highlighted here.  Hop west over Guiana to rum-rich Venezuela and the rare Cañaveral's top shelf Etiqueta Azul rum with some of the classiest packaging yet.  Head further west to find Colombia's Medellin rum, this one an easy sipping 12 year old.  Finally, head deep South to landlocked Paraguay and discover Papagayo's Organic Silver rum.  You might have to travel far afield to sample any of these four lesser-known rums, but each is worth the experience.   Salud!

Borgoe 8 Label-RG1Canaveral Etiqueta Azul Label Horizontal-RG1

Borgoe 8 Year Old "… has a soft polite touch that rewards a sophisticated approach to the tasting with a delicate greeting gesture rather than a firm handshake … more

Papagayo Silver label-RG1Medellin 12 Label-RG-OK

Cañaveral Etiqueta Azul "packaging is some of the finest I’ve ever seen.  The tall traditional bottle rests in a blue hand-crafted leather cylindrical case that is spit lengthwise, hinged mummy-like, and is held closed … more"

Lost Spirits Cuban OP-label from bottle-RG1

Medellin Gran Reserva 12 Year Old  "Initial tasting reveals a rum that is more spicy on the front end than the aromas hint at, but still pleasant with caramel and milk chocolate mid-palate, then … more"

Papagayo Organic Silver rum "… is much smoother when sipped than the aromas indicated, the medium-heavyweight body delivers a buttery croissant texture that really pleases your palate … more"

Sagitta thru porthole

New Release
Lost Spirits Cuban Inspired Overproof Rum "… there’s a lot going on inside this rum, and the high 75.5% alcohol content helps deliver its intense aromatics … more"

Events and Travels
Rum Gallery teams up again with Island Windjammers to host another Caribbean Rum Cruise, this one sailing from Saint Martin/Sint Maarten in November.   Act quickly, there might still be a berth and rum for you onboard the stately M/S Sagitta sailing ship for the November Rum Cruise.   See more about the Rum Cruise in Porthole magazine here:  Join The Club: Born to Rum.

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