Rums of Thailand

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Earlier this year the Rum Gallery yacht sailed through Thailand's Andaman Sea, discovering treasured islands and new rums.  Four rums produced in various parts of this fascinating country are exhibited here this month.   Aged rum, spiced rum, even a beautiful French-style rum agricole are on tap. 

Chalong Bay 2014 New Label-RG1-USEMekhong Label-RG1Phraya Label-RG2

Chalong Bay  "Aromatic and sweet, Chalong Bay Silver Batch agricole ruhm blanc tastes like fresh pressed sugarcane juice with nice ethanol.  To the distillers’ credit, Chalong Bay is the best tasting rum produced on Thailand .… more"  Be sure to check out the brief photo tour of Chalong Bay Distillery.

Sang Som Baottle Label-RG1Louisville-The-Rum-Lab.Dec .6th.V2-1024x722FRB Logo

Mekhong "…is distilled  in a combination of pot and column stills into neutral spirits from 95% cane and 5% rice with several Thai herbs and spices and caramel added.  So, it’s not all rum.  But the distiller’s transparency is admirable … more

Phraya "First, the “h” in Phraya is silent.  Second, the word Phraya loosely translates to 'high status'.  Third, It's easy to pass this rum off as another mediocre rum sheathed in pattern-stamped gilt sheet metal.  Except it isn’t … more".  

SangSom "SangSom was available at every anchorage during my sail around Thailand – sold on every island, served on every beach.  My palate eventually calibrated to SangSom, though it never became fully desirable… more."

Events and Travels

Following their successful rum tasting events in Puerto Rico, The Rum Lab plans to make waves in the heart of Bourbon Country.   The first Midwest Rum Festival takes place this year in Louisville, Kentucky on December 6.  Sample sugarcane spirits in the heart of Bourbon country.

Topping rum aficionado's list of must-do events in 2015, the Rum Bahamas Festival returns to Nassau February 27-March 1 for more food, rum and culture at historic Fort Charlotte.  Rum Gallery will be there to judge rum and sample all the goodies.  Please join us!  

The Caribbean Rum Cruises aboard Island Windjammers'  tall sailing ships are sold out for 2014, but Rum Gallery has conspired to host two more in 2015.  Don't miss the boat.

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