Rhum Blanc Agricoles of Guadeloupe

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Four rhums from Guadeloupe and Marie-Galante ("the other French West Indies") are the featured exhibits this month, and all have their unique merits.  Like the people of Guadeloupe, the rhums are approachable, inviting, and possess great taste.  As Rum Gallery sees it, rhum agricole des Caraïbe françaises are made from sweet, fresh-harvested sugarcane juice then column distilled and bottled at a relatively high alcohol strength.  Guadeloupe rhums offer a softer aromatic sugarcane flavor than their Martinique compatriots, and  deliver more terroir-specific taste than Spanish-style rones or heavier English-style rums.  Many more rhum treasures were  discovered as the Rum Gallery yacht sailed the wates of the FWI, and they'll be the subjects of future exhibits.

Rhum Bielle 50° Blanc Label-RG1 ShortDamoiseau Virgin Cane Rum LabelPére Labat 50° Label-RG1Longueteau 50° Blanc Label-RG1

Bielle Blanc 59° & 50° "Bielle’s pale blanc Rhum’s flavors are so delightfully balanced that it sips as nicely neat as most well made ‘Ti punches." 

Damoiseau Virgin Cane Rum 40° "An initial sip is dangerous.  There’s just enough French tease in this Virgin Cane Rum to enjoy it naked, er, neat …"

Longueteau Blanc 50° "Serve it neat to your guests to make them understand – and to remind yourself – what a perfectly crafted fresh sugarcane rhum should taste like …"

Pére Labat 59° & 50° "Much like the clergyman it was named after, Pére Labat the rhum is full of surprises. To start, swirling produces legs, and a good many of them too."

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Rum Gallery teams up with Island Windjammers to host a Caribbean Rum Cruise sailing from St. Martin in November.   Act quickly, there might still be a berth and rum for you onboard M/S Sagitta during the November Rum Cruise.

Sagitta from the Crow's Nest near St Kitts

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