Homage Rums

There's a story in every bottle, and these six rums have more to tell than most.  From Jmaica to Martinique to Guadeloupe, each rum was masterfully distilled and aged, then blended to perfection.  Distiller's are a respectful lot – witness this assembled homage to persons who fundamentally shaped their distillery's character.      

Edwin Charley Full Series-BLK-RG1

The Edwin Charley Proprietor's Collection consists of four amazing rums.  Each is packaged in a numbered, hand-blown Venetian glass bottle featuring an iconic glass figurine inside.  The series pays homage to the sugar and rum making process; from growing the cane, to harvesting, then distilling, and culminating in the single-barrel aging of rum. 

Edwin Charley Foundation shows respect for mother nature and the sugarcane plant.  The figurine inside every bottle is of a ripe cane stalk; delicate, sweet and standing proud.  Foundations is perhaps the finest white overproof rum Rum Gallery has ever tasted.

Edwin Charley Transformation honors the human labor that goes into producing rum, transfoming sugarcane juice to a noble spirit.  The figurine is a machete-wielding cane cutter harvesting the crop.

Bologne CdeStG Lbel-RG2

Edwin Charley Enlightenment  faitfully reflects its noble pot-distilled heritage. A bulbous pot still icon ensconsed inside every bottle tells the story of one of the most appealing Jamaican rums available today.  

Edwin Charley Virtue with it's oak barrel icon ensconsed inside every bottle, this might be the most appealing Jamaican rum available today.  It is massively complex, delicious, and highly aromatic. It will reset your expectations for how old Jamaican rum should taste.

Louisville-The-Rum-Lab.Dec .6th.V2-1024x722RhumJ.M CdF Label-RG1FRB Logo

Bologne Chevalier de St-Georges honors "the Black Mozart" born at the distiller's estate and arguably th emost accomplished musical artist of Guadloupe.

Rhum J.M Cuvée du Fondateur  "Rums that earn a 10 transcend quantitative measures and achieve qualitative perfection.  Rhum J.M’s Cuvée du Fondateur is such a rhum."

Events and Travels

The Rum Lab is making waves in the heart of Bourbon Country.   The first Midwest Rum Festival takes place in Louisville, Kentucky on December 6.  Sample sugarcane spirits in the heart of Bourbon country.

Rum Bahamas Festival returns to Nassau February 27-March 1 for more food, rum and culture at historic Fort Charlotte.  Rum Gallery will be there to judge rum and sample all the goodies.  Please join us!  

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