Sugarcane, Molasses and Barrels

Ahh, Diversity, thy alias is Rum.  As it should be – multinational, multi-island, multi-lingual, multi-still and especially multi-style.  But all rums share the heritage of sugarcane to Start and oak barrels to Finish.  Here we have three bottlings from Barbados, Guadeloupe and Haiti, each most certainly a rum (or rhum) with time in a barrel, but otherwise sharing little in common.  Explore them to understand their host island’s evolved taste preference, and celebrate diversity.

Bakara 12 YO Label-RG1Rhum Bologne VSOP Label-RG1

Bakara 12 Year Old  "shows the influence of its Solera aging aging method.  Solera can be an effective technique for ensuring flavor profile consistency, can extend the life of very old stocks of rum, or it can be an opaque veil that master blenders and distilleries hide behind to command premium prices for immature rums.  In the case of Bakara’s Grand Reserve 12 Year Old, the barrels appear to do much of the talking for the rum, adding most of its character.”  

La Route du Rhum Black & Beige 2Doorly's 12 YO Label-RG1

Bologne VSOP  “… aromatic indulgence begins with scents of sugarcane both fresh and fermented, mild anise, oaken vanilla, nutmeg, tropical fruit (papaya, banana), mild walnut and sufficient tannins to add crispness to the overall tasting experience.  A single sip delivers …”  

Doorly’s 12 Year Old  “… aromas are signature Foursquare at their finest: mild molasses rum, oaken vanilla, more delicate buttery flour pastry, phenols, some nutmeg, pecan, hints of leather and coconut husk.  Doorly’s 12 is a delicious … ” 

La Route Du Rhum  - Take a tour of the Bologne distillery on Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe - photos here.

Island Windjammers, Kirk and Sweeney Rum and The Rum Gallery combine talents on yet another Caribbean Rum Cruise.  Join us aboard the awesome schooner S/V Vela sailing St. Lucia-Martinique-Dominica-Guadeloupe October 22-28, 2017.

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