VSOP Rhums of the French West Indies

French West Indies Poster

Three VSOP rhums from different islands in the French West Indies are exhibited this month.   Common to all of these rhums is  their VSOP declaration;  they are aged a minimum of four years in oak.  Further, each is distilled from of fermented fresh sugarcane juice and share the pride and excellence in craftsmanship that French rhum makers all over the world insist upon.  And while all come from the French West Indies, separated by only a couple of humdred miles, each is produced on a different island.   These three VSOP rhums agricole are an expression of their island's individual terroir, shaped by the distiler's skill and master blender's art. (old postcard courtesy of Bob "The Rumelier" Davies.) 

Damoiseau VSOP-Label-Large-USEDepaz VSOP Label-RG1

Damoiseau VSOP  "The finish lasts a delightful time, finally delivering mildly grassy sugarcane and tobacco sweetness balanced perfectly with the citrus and bright spices … more"

Depaz VSOP  "A powerful genie of a bouquet is released as soon as the cork is pulled, and she wears a fine perfume of sweet oaky caramel scents and the knowing heat of 45° ethanol … more" 

Longueteau Label-RG1

Longueteau VSOP "The flavors in Longueteau VSOP are intense.  Complex, powerful, and delivered without compromise, like meeting an opinionated personality with whom you don’t dare to disagree … more" 

Events and Travels
Rum Gallery teams up again with Island Windjammers to host another Caribbean Rum Cruise, this one sailing from Saint Martin/Sint Maarten in November.   There might still be a berth and rum for you onboard the stately M/S Sagitta sailing ship for the November Rum Cruise.   Read all about it at Uncommon Caribbean and Porthole magazine.

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Following their successful rum tasting events in Puerto Rico, The Rum Lab plans to make waves in the heart of Bourbon Country.   The first Midwest Rum Festival takes place this yeaar in Louisville, Kentucky on December 6.  Be sure to sample sugacane- and corn-based spirits in the heart of Bourbon country.  

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