Great Whites! 

White rums?  What’s all the fuss?  Take another look.  The three blanc rhums/rum on exhibit are   incredibly tasty, offering aromas and flavors generally unheard of in colorless sugarcane spirits.  Transparency can be a virtue.  

Karukera Blanc 50% Label-RG1SNA White Label-RG1

Karukera Agricole Rhum Blanc “… is made exclusively from the juice of Blue sugarcane, prized by many agricole distilleries.  Selected because of its aromatic qualities, the Blue Cane is harvested …"

St. Nicholas Abbey White “… sense the clean sweet alcohol of sugarcane rum in the fleeting bouquet.  No other white rum has the perfect aromatic qualities presented by St. Nicholas Abbey’s handcrafted white jewel."

Trois Rivieres Cuvée de L'Océan-Md Label-RG1Sagitta off Nevis

Trois Rivieres Cuvée de L’Ocean “… reveals a hint of sea salt air over for gentle aromas of mild coconut, soft sugarcane alcohol, a a mild grass, almost flowery cane and sweet butter, with a slightly waxy texture and a subtle anise spice."

Caribbean Rum Cruise 
The Rum Gallery teams up with Island Windjammers for another Rum Cruise aboard the schooner Sagitta. We sail from St. Martin November 15-21.  Ports of call include St. Bart’s, St. Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla and more.  Rum and island hopping!   

Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival 2015

Rum Festivals

California Rum festival

California Rum Fest - visit beautiful San Francisco September 12 for our first rum festival.  Taste dozens of rums from all over the World, attend informative sessions hosted by rum ambassadors and distillers.  Arrive early and stay late – the “City by the Bay” is home to some of the best rum bars in the World. 

Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival  This year’s event – the fifth – happens on the lovely dual persoanlity island of Dutch Sint Maarten/French St. Martin, with more rum and fun in the tropical sun from November 6-8.

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