Seven Years Between the Staves

Many rum aficionados consider seven-eight years of aging in oak the sweet spot for rum.  Maturing in oak barrels rounds off the sharp edges of the spirt yet preserves its earthy sugarcane or molasses essence while extracting vanilla flavor and spice notes.  These exhibits support that belief.  The rums hail from the Caribbean's Windward Islands, but aside from their geographic proximity and sugarcane base, the rums vary tremendously in aroma, flavor and distillation method.  Explore and enjoy!

Hamilton SLU 7YO 46%.007Dillon XO 7 Label B-RG1Westerhall Dark Label-RG1

Dillon XO 7 Ans  from Martinique "is a lady both harmonious and discrete … aged in a combination of American oak used Bourbon and French Limousin oak barrels."

Hamilton 2004 7 Year Old Pot Still Rum  from St. Lucia "A heady pot still bouquet wafts in the air as I sit contemplating this eccentric rum.  No coloring agents were added, so the rum’s light golden amber hue comes solely from seven years aging in oak barrels." 

IRC + RG Flags & Bora Bora

Westerhall Dark from Grenada "evokes pleasant aromas of roasted blood orange and baked banana, caramel, oak, vanilla, and of course nutmeg, the soft, nutty, aromatic spice the island is famous for." 

The Best Rhum You Might Never Taste 
Confrérie Du Rhum Cuvée No.2 from Guadeloupe "… is analogous to experiencing a symphony, even the brotherhood covets this rhum like monks revering a rare sacrificial wine."

Travel and Events 
The Rum Gallery yacht will be sailing in the South Pacfic, scouring Tahiti's Society Islands for more rum.

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