American Independents

America celebrates the anniversary of its Declaration of Independence on July 4.  Of course rum played a role before, during and after the revolution.  Colonists were compelled to throw off the oppressions of British rule, including duties on molasses and other restrictions on trade.  Rum Gallery recognizes the Revolutionaries’ spirit by exhibiting four small batch rums from American craft distillers.

3 Howls Black Label-Label-USERichland Label-RG1-USESt. George Spirits Agricole Reserve Label-RG1a-USETaildragger Amber Logo-USE

3 Howls Back Label 90 Proof Rum (Washington) - Dual aging in American oak and Madeira wine casks adds a welcome complexity to this young American,  showing a maturity beyond its two years of age. 

Richland Rum (Georgia) - If ever there was an American Rum that challenges Cognac for flavor, it is Richland Rum.  With quality in spades, it has all the pot still authenticity and fruit-of-the-Earth sincerity you could ask for, tastes dignified yet not overlty refined. 

St. George Spirits California Agricole Reserve - Aggressive, unmistakable, yet somehow appealing.  The initial taste is likewise big and bold, with flavors fully reflecting the vegetal sugarcane aromas. 

Taildragger Amber Rum (Illinois) -  Respectable; certainly easy to drink neat and pushing enough flavor and body to stand out in cocktails.  The company’s logo harkens back to another generation, featuring the type of Nose Art that graced World War II bomber fuselages and the iconic B-17. 

Sagitta off Nevis

Caribbean Rum Cruise 
Join The Rum Gallery as we team up with Island Windjammers to host another Rum Cruise on their stately sailing schooner Sagitta. We sail from St. Martin November 15-21.  Ports of call include St. Bart’s, St. Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla and more.  Get your your rum on while island hopping in paradise.   

Rum Festivals

California Rum festivalwebsite st maarten poster-1

California Rum Festival - visit beautiful San Francisco, on September 12 for its first ever rum fest.  The "city by the bay” is a drinker’s town, home to some of the bet bars in the World. 

Caribbean Rum and Beer FestivalSt. Martin hosts this year’s event, back for more rum and more fun in the tropical sun from November 6-8.

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