American Rum

The three American rums on exhibit this month have little in common expcept for their distiller's preference to let fermentation and distillation techniques speak to the rum.  Barrel aging comes a distant second in their flavoring.  Each rum is different, yet all rival kindred spirits from overseas.  

3 Howls Gold-Label-RG1-USELost Spirits Rum Label Crop-RG1St. George CA Agricole-Label-RG1-USE

3 Howls Gold Label rum delivers pleasantly delicate, almost floral aromas in a good rummy balance between alcohol, oak, vanilla and mild caramel

Lost Spirits Distillery has accomplished something no other American rum distiller has managed; they have used chemistry to accelerate time, uniquely maturing  their Navy Style 68% Overproof rum.

St. George Spirits has produced an honest-to-goodness agricole style rum from fresh sugarcane grown in California.  Sacré bleu!  Their California Agricole Rum proves you can take the agricole out of the French West Indies, but you can’t take the FWI taste out of fresh sugarcane rum.  

CGB & Cat-RG2

Events and Travels
The Rum Gallery has been on a Worldwide distillery hunt this year, and discovered some innovative stills closest to our home in Caliornia.  See photo tours of Lost Spirits Distillery here, and St. George Spirits here.

Rum Gallery conspired with Rum Therapy to produce an Armada of three boats sailing the British Virgin Islands from April 5-12.  Distillery tours, beachy rum bars and special rum tastings on the Rum Gallery yacht are in store for the lucky ones who signed on this year.  

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