1931 82nd Anniversary Edition (Third Release - Teal Label)

1931 82nd Anniv B&B-RG2-USE

Product of: St. Lucia 
Aged: blend of rums aged from 6-12 years
Alcohol: 43% 
: 21-25g/L (estimate)
Price:  $EC125 ($US47) purchased on St. Lucia
Context: Premium Aged Rum 
RG Rating: 8.5

Tasting Notes 
The 1931 82nd Anniversary shows a brassy amber color in a tasting glass, shiny in appearance, with long thick legs contributed in part by the added sugar.  A bouquet of sweet milk chocolate instantly rises from the bottle as the hefty wooden cap pulls the cork free with an enticing Pop!

Breathe deeper and you’ll discover thoroughly pleasant aromas of oak and vanilla, smells of tanned leather, milk fat, the scents of autumn baking spices, and a nasal texture reminiscent of heavy buttery pastry.

1931 82nd Anniv Cap w:Mask-RG3-USE

Initial tasting brings on the sweet flavor of light milk chocolate, supported by an appropriately supple medium-heavyweight body.  The rich flavors remain generally consistent throughout the long finish.  

St. Lucia Distillers released the third edition of 1931 on the 82nd anniversary of the distillery in late 2013.  The distillery was founded by Denis Barnard in the Mabouya Valley near the small fishing village of Dennery, but ceased operations in 1972 after merging with a distillery located in in the Roseau Valley.  Together the two formed St. Lucia Distillers, which continues to make several excellent rums from a combination of pot- and column stills operating in Roseau.  

What’s New
The third edition in the 1931 series is a blend of of rums produced in all four of St. Lucia Distiller’s stills: a Vendome pot still, two John Dore pot stills, and a Coffey still.   See a photo tour of the distillery here.

1931 Beige, Magenta & Teal Labels DNA Chart-RG1

As with all of the editions of 1931, the 82nd anniversary third edition is unique to this vintage release.  It differs from its predecessors in every manner; age, distillation, color, aromas and flavors.  The blend is noticeably sweeter, and the distillery freely admits to adding sugar to the rum to make it stand out from previous editions. Handily, the bottle’s stopper and the color of the packaging change with each edition, making it easy to identify each annual releases.  The 2013 vintage is visibly differentiated from previous releases by its Teal-colored label and the number 82 on the neck band. 

1931 82nd Anniv Bottle-RG1

1931 82nd Anniversary is easy to like.  I’ve been impressed with all four of the 1931 iterations, and particularly enjoy the 2nd and 4th editions.  The third edition, or 82nd Anniversary under review here, has proven very popular with rum aficionados who like their rums sweetened.  

First sip of the day, and perhaps the best; the rum third edition in a continuing series of successvily changing blends – 1931 82nd Anniversay

The third edition of 1931 was blended and released in 2013 to celebrate 82 years of distilling on St. Lucia.  Whereas the second edition, 81st anniversary, was rendered in the style of a Bajan pot still rum (think Mount Gay Extra Old), the version reviewed here is reminiscent  of to the sweet style of the finest South American rums.  It extends St. Lucia Distiller’s enviable record of inventing uniquely flavorful blends with every new iteration of their Anniversary rum.  What will they come up with next?  Hint:  stay tuned, you’re sure to like it.  The 83rd Anniversary edition was finalized about the time of this review, and it follows the trend of not having a common flavor trend other than excellence.  For now, make a point of collecting the third edition and the earlier versions – if you can find them.  Click on the chart above left to see the rum’s complex DNA.

Reviewed: Bottle number 0886 of of Batch 3, bottled 12 August 2013 in December 2014 at The Rum Gallery, USA, and in October 2014 while visiting St. Lucia Distiller’s Ltd, during a sailing adventure from St. Lucia to Grenada aboard the Rum Gallery yacht.

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