24:7 Bottle-RG

Product of: Jost Van Dyke, BVI 
Aged: 2 Years (estimate)
Price: about $3 a shot
Alcohol: 35% (estimate)
Context: Flavored/Spiced Rum 
RG Rating: 7.5

Tasting Notes
24/7 shows a honey gold color with a whole lotta legs  lining the inside of your tasting glass.  They form and fade quickly, perhaps indicating the rum is not long aged but is relatively sweet.  So smooth are the sweet aromas of butterscotch, honey, caramel and vanilla that you just close your eyes and take them in.  Initial tasting is light and refreshingly sweet; the flavors transition seamlessly from the aromas, with delicious butterscotch and vanilla melting in your mouth on a medium-weight body.  A is similar; lip-smacking sweet finish lingers for awhile before leaving as you rub your tongue on your palate for that last bit of caramel.

Full Disclosure:  I’ve been keeping this incredibly sweet little rum a secret for years, fearing that popularity would kill the already spotty supply.  But Seddy Callwood’s One Love bar on White bay Beach, Jost Van Dyke has become something of an alternative hot spot to the over-hyped Soggy Dollar and Foxy’s (which is owned by Sedi’s father, by the way.)  Starting with my first visit in 1993, I’ve seen White Bay transition from a pristine beach, where an ice chest and driftwood table was the bar, to a BVI vacation hot spot that attracts boats 365 days a year.  

One Love copy

White Bay Beach is still pristine despite the party vibe getting stronger every season.  Recently featured recently in Caribbean Travel+LIfe magazine and many travel and rum websites, One Love is on the map.  But still, no one – not even the bartender du jour – knows about the 24/7 rum jug stashed under the counter.  

You have to ask for it.  Unless Seddy is at the bar, you’ll get a perplexed look.  Ask again, but be prepared to go without.  If Seddy’s there, he might raise an eyebrow, give you a stare and wonder to himself “how do you know about that?”   24/7 is that far off the beaten path.  Since you’ve gotten that far, you should get a pretty lady ask Seddy to perform his magic.  He’s quite an artist, his tricks baffle even the most alert eye. 

Opinion Seddy’s 24/7 rum is off the charts easy to drink.  It’s never failed to impress the friends I introduce to it’s sweet delicacy.  I’ve taken to a small, empty water bottle with me into One Love Bar so I can take soem 24/7 home.  It’s the quickest way I know of to get myself into a  BVI state of mind.  Maybe let’s keep this little gem our secret, huh?

Reviewed:  Every December since 2007 while sailing the BVI; most recently in July 2012 at The Rum Gallery. 

© Dave Russell 2017