5 Barrel

5 barrel rum

Product of: Belize 
Aged: 5 Years
Price: $9 at Belize International Airport Duty Free
Alcohol: 40%
Context: Premium Aged Rum 
RG Rating: 7.5

Tasting Notes
A pale golden amber color results from aging five years in used Kentucky bourbon oak barrels.  Buttery smooth and approachable, sweet aromas of caramel, brown sugar, sugarcane, vanilla and light milk chocolate greet the nose for a nice presentation, with just a hint of alcohol and no  offensive tails.  The initial taste has slightly less depth of sweetness than the aromas, but delivers well with integrated vanilla, caramel, and milk chocolate – always pleasing despite being rather simple.  A  medium weight body richly delivers flavors evenly across your palate, then a caramel finish lingers for a awhile, exiting politely with a residual sweetness on the tip of your tongue.

Fermented from from crushed sugarcane grown in Belize, 5 Barrel Reserve is aged five years in Kentucky Oak barrels.  While it’s less ubiquitous throughout Belize as their 1 Barrel rum, 5 Barrel is certainly worth seeking out, and the distiller claims to be working on US distribution.   

Travellers Liquors, Ltd, who produces1 Barrel, 5 Barrel Reserve, and Don Omario rum, began in the 1950’s as a beer and liquor importer, but discovered that many local bars were making their own home made blends of rum for exclusive sale. The company followed suit and after much searching for a consistent blending process, 1 Barrel was born. Over the years, the company grew and new generations came on board. Partners joined the business, eventually control of the company changed, and in 1989 the distillery and production facilities were significantly upgraded to support exports. Today, 1 Barrel Rum anchors the company’s product portfolio and forms the mainstay of Belize rum consumption, but 5 Barrel Reserve offers us a distinctive step up in age and flavor, for smoother sipping. distribution.  

Slightly more complex than their fine one year old rum, Travellers’ 5 Barrel Reserve is sufficiently smooth to sip neat or on the rocks to enjoy its natural vanilla flavor, or in a cocktail.   It should find welcome homes amongst many rum n cola drinkers looking for an inexpensive rum that delivers smooth, genuine flavors and traditional quality. Rum Gallery's Opinion 

Reviewed:  February 2010 while sailing in Belize, and again in March 2011 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

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