Abuelo Añejo

Ron Abuelo Añejo

Product of: Panama
Age: 5 Years minimum
Price: $5.50 Panama, $14 USA
Alcohol: 40% 
26-30 g/L 
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating:  7.5 

Tasting Notes
Your first pour reveals an attractive golden amber color from 5 years (or more) of aging in white oak whiskey barrels. The aroma is very pleasing to the nose soliciting comparisons to floral sweets, vanilla, caramel, and brown sugar.  Initial taste is true to the aromas. A medium body slightly complex for its age leads to a pleasantly warm and long finish leaving your desiring another taste.

Rums produced by Varela Hermanos are blends of aged rums, the minimum number of years of aging is what is decalred on the label.  The Rum Gallery first tried Ron Abuelo Añejo (and it's more mature sibling, the 7 year old Reserva Superior) while sailing along the Caribbean coast of Panama through the San Blas Islands (Kuna Yala) in 2004.  It's smooth texture and easy taste madeit the natural go-to rum for mixing or sipping during that adventure.  The molasses-based rum is coulmn distilled, then aged in used white oak barrels that previously held borbon. It is presented in a traditional tall brown bottle with a parchment style label and a raised crest on the shoulder, topped by a plastic screw cap. 

Abuelo Añejo is pleasant enough to enjoy anytime, neat, on the rocks, or even in a cocktail that requires some sweetening with a touch of oak and cane flavor.  Without guile or pretense, Abuelo Añejo doesn’t demand critical sipping or anything other than that you enjoy it.  While not the most sophisticated  nor complex rum in my locker, it’s one I reach for again and again.

Reviewed:  March 2011 as part of a vertical Rum Flight during the US launch of Abuelo Centuria, at Smuggler's Cove, San Francisco USA.  

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