Admiral Rodney

Admiral Rodney rum

Product of:  St. Lucia 
Aged: blend of rum aged 6-12 years
Price: $33/700ml 
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Premium Aged rum
RG Rating: 8.5

Tasting Notes
Admiral Rodney rum shows a pleasing shade of brown/amber rum in the glass from prolonged maturation in used Bourbon Oak barrels, and some caramel might be added for color consistency. Lengthy aging contributes to the aromas of caramel, leather, mild oak, vanilla, with lesser notes of clove and nutmeg.  Admiral Rodney has the slightly sweet taste of caramel, which is nicely balanced by nut flavors and a woody texture. The body is medium weight, lively on the tongue, and leaving with a long semi-sweet, off-dry finish caramel-leather. Ultimately, Admiral strikes a solid balance between dry and sweet.

Admiral Rodney Extra Old St. Lucia Rum is cloumn distilled from molasses, and comes in a sturdy square decanter with a substantial cherry wood stained cork closure. The label is illustrated with a picture of Admiral Rodney, a famous British Naval Admiral stationed on St. Lucia, and the famous naval engagement known as The Battle of Saints. On April 12, 1782, Rodney was victorious in routing the French fleet from the Caribbean, forever claiming St.Lucia and many other islands for the British Empire. The rum is packaged in a box that has historical information and stories on three sides.   

Admiral Rodney DNA Chart

For years I had sought bottle of Admiral Rodney.  A prolonged legal conflict with another brand prohibits its importation to the USA.  During a sail through the Windward Islands in February 2007, I was fortunate to try some at Doolittle's Bar in Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia.  From then on I've purchased more every time I visit.  Click on the chart image at right to see the rum’s DNA.

St Lucia's 2 column continuous coffey still

Admiral Rodney is one of St. Lucia's finest rums, meant for sipping neat. Already quite tasty, adding a few drops of water brings out more flavors.  Admiral Rodney Extra Old is a classic sipping aged rum, with sweet vs pungeant in proper balance.  Packaging is nice as well, using a simliar bottle to the older Serralles' DonQ and Angostura's 1919.  I first tasted Admiral Rodney rum in February 2007 at Doolittle's Bar in Marigot Bay, St. Lucia, and quickly sought more to bring home.  Good thing, because at the time of this review, Admiral Rodney is locked out of the US market due to legal dispute over naming with a lesser rum that also uses the word "Admiral" in its name.  Let's hope that hassle ends well, enabling more of you to enjoy another great rum without making a shopping sojun to St. Lucia.  Give me half an excuse, and I'll be right there on St. Lucia to pick up another bottle – the island and its rum are jewels of the Caribbean. 

Reviewed:  November 2011 at the Rum Gallery in USA, but previously tasted while sailing from St. Lucia to St. Vincent in Februaru 2011.  Column Still photo courtesy of Robert Burr, Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.

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