Agua Luca

Agua Luca cachaça

Product of:  Brazil 
Aged: NA

Price: $26 
Alcohol:  40% ABVContext
Context:  White Cachaça
RG Rating:  8.5

Tasting Notes
Typical of unaged cachaça, Agua Luca is crystal clear, exposing nothing about the scents and flavors hidden within.  Further investigation requires some sniffing, which evokes deep earthy aromas and a pronounced cane grassiness, but surprisingly not overly sweet, with a hint of anise and Brazil nut.  Initial tasting reveals clean and pleasant sweetness, flavors of cane juice, very mild licorice and fennel seed.  The body is pleasantly lighter in weight than your expect from the aromas, with a  finish long and sweet.

Agua Luca stakes the  quality of its product on clean production practices.  The spirit originates from the juice of sugar cane that is fermented within 24 hours of being hand cut.  It is filtered a dozen times after distillation, no doubt to enhance the desired clean taste.  Intense filtering also removes any color and unsightly material from the cane juice added later in production (normal for Brazilian cachaca processes) to embellish Agua Luca’s earthy flavor.

The attractive packaging proudly screams “Brazil!” From the simple logo mimicking the country’s flag, to the blue-yellow-green color scheme, the bottle could pass for a Brazilian soccer  team fan’s sports water bottle. This is on tall cylinder that stands out on a crowded bar shelf.

The current crop of high-end white cachaça’s are all competing for top status in the bar scene, either as a creative substitute for vodka, gin and tequila, or more often as the essential ingredient in Brazil’s national cocktail, the caipirinha.  These liquor’s tend to follow a pretty standard formula: clear liquid, clean distillation, mildly upscale Vodka-esque packaging, and a touch of earthy cane flavor.  Aqua Luca has read the playbook, but goes one small step further by actually offering a bit more taste than the others.  Caipirinha’s made with Agua Luca cachace actually taste like they include a passionate Latin spirit, and it’s smoothly  flavorful enough to sip occasionally too.

Reviewed:  October 2009 at the Rum Gallery, USA. 

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