Angostura 1824

1824 Rum

Product of:  Trinidad 
Aged: 12 years
Price: $56
Alcohol: 40% ABV 
Sugar: 16-20 g/L (estimate)
Context: Premium Aged rum
RG Rating: 8

Tasting Notes 
Judging by the
 reddish, medium-amber color alone, 1824 is one beautiful rum. Subtly large and inviting, with strong scents of butterscotch, vanilla, molasses, honey-vanilla, and slight cardamom and golden raisin. Its taste rewards the critical palate with pale dried leather, oak, caramelized brown sugar, and a captivating butterscotch warmth. Long aging ion oak casks before and after blending produces a remarkably smooth rum.  It is worth spending time letting 1824 seduce your nose before you taste this rum. On the palate, 1824 is delicious and full bodied, with pronounced oak, vanilla bean syrup, and smoky praline cheesecake flavors. An understated warm spice like nutmeg is present, with a slight oily undertone. Every sip says "more!" 

Sulky smooth, with no bite, an exquisitely easy sipping. Drink it neat, no rocks required to smooth out this rum. After first opening my newest bottle of 1824, I detected a slightly oily aftertaste. I cannot remember the diesely harbor taste from previous tastings, and a few months after uncorking, that undesirable distinction is all but gone. Either way, this is one Great Rum. An attractively large, waxed over corked cap adds old world charm. Spoil yourself every time you sip 1824, or use it to impress your friends that there really is something to this whole exotic Caribbean rum tasting thing after all.

1824 is a great, seductive rum that makes no excuses for what it does to you. Solid vanilla flavors up front, caramel and molasses, and subtle Caribbean spices give it a voluptuously sweet body. Aged perfectly towards the smooth end, this rum requires you really wrap your taste buds and tongue around it. At first, I preferred the more familiar and younger eight-year-old Angostura 1919 over its 12-year-old sibling, 1824. But after hangin' with 1824 awhile, I appreciate the beauty that a few more years in oak brings. A word of advice; Share this rum only if your guests are serious about discovering how wonderfully complex a refined island rum can be. 1824 is a keeper. 

Care for a delicious Caribbean dilemma?  Then make it a mission to own a bottle of Angostura 1824 and one of 1919. Then, make up your mind which is the better rum:  Professionals' opinions' vary considerably on 1824 vs 1919.  Taste repeatedly as your mood swings, and try to decide which rum you would recommend to a close friend.

Reviewed:  October 2005, July 2006 and subsequent other occasions at the Rum Gallery, USA.

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