Appleton Estates Extra 12 Year Old

Appleton Extra 12

Product of:  Jamaica 
Aged:  12 year old minimum
Price: $27
Alcohol: 43% ABV 
Sugar: 0 g/L 
Context: Premium Aged Rum

Tasting Notes 
Appleton Extra 12 Year Old shows and attractive amber bronze color, and offers a robust combination of spice and sugar on the nose; classicly complex aromas of molasses, orange peel, vanilla, coffee and cocoa, toasted oak, hint of almond.  Sipping reveals a nice medium bodied rum, moderately sweet, with citrus, spice and oak, some alcohol, smoke and hints of vanilla. The finish is long smooth and smoky, with paraffin lingering on the tongue long after swallowing, inviting another sip. Only moderately complex, but it exhibits a well crafted balance of flavors.

Appleton Estate produces the majority of rum sold on Jamaica.  While it's white overproof rum known as Wray & Nephew command the lion's share of rum sold on the home island, the aged rums are far more popular in the eport market.  Appleton 12 year old sits smack int eh middle of the distiller's portfolio, affordable, equally adept at pleasing a sipper's palate or mixing in cocktails where the pot still flavors are valued. 

Appleton Extra Wooden Sign in Distillery Bar

Appleton's 12 year old is a hearty aged rum – and an affordable start for anyone new to exploring real pot still rum and building a collection.   It won't confuse you with a myriad of complex flavors like some of the exotic and more expensive rums, but it mixes well, and accounts itself well in any cocktail.

Appleton Rum At A Glance

Reviewed: January 2012 at the Appleton Estates distillery, Jamaica.

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