Atlantico Platino

Atlantico Platino

Product of:  Dominican Republic
Aged:  blend of aged rums
Price: $19
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Premium White Rum
RG Rating: 8.5

Tasting Notes 
Very Smooth.  When trying any new crystal clear white rum for the first time, you wonder if there’s going to be any nose candy or flavor beyond alcohol and the usual hints of cane.  Atlantico Platino does not disappoint; the aromas are deeper and more complex than you’d expect from a white rum.  First up is an appealing fresh mild citrus bouquet  of pineapple and sweet lemon zest, then slight butterscotch and a pleasing white oaken vanilla, while the sweet/clean ethyl alcohol delivers a mild cane aroma.  Initial taste is reminiscent of sweet butter with great mouthfeel of mild butterscotch, vanilla and light citrus.  The medium weight body is surprisingly more full than expected, and finishes off-dry but with decent viscosity, and lingers plenty long for a premium white rum, then ends slightly sweet.  Atlantico Platino shows nice complexity, with subtle aromas and flavors that remain consistent throughout the tasting sequence. 

From the aging facilities of Oliver & Oliver comes a new Atlantico rum to augment their portfolio below the exceptional flagship Private Cask.  In a private pre-release tasting in April 2011, Atlantico’s top brass characterized their top end rum as very approachable, intended for people who are looking for an easy upward  transition to a smooth, easy sipping rum.  Atlantico Platino combines rums distilled from fresh cane juice and molasses, giving the light characteristics so desired in a white cocktail rum, but also including a dose of flavor not so common in the more mass-produced brands.   Atlantico goes a cut above everyday white rum for the packaging of Platino, borrowing the same bottle from their top end Private Cask aged rum.  Atlantico’s bottles are refreshing in their understated class.  Instead of an overly-styled bottle or the least expensive generic style that most other brands use, Atlantico gives customers something that’s easy to recognize and easy for bartenders to handle.  The Rum Gallery sampled bottle number B1-3970-B1AA.

Atlantico’s goal with Platino was to appeal to the cocktail and bar crowd.  I believe they’ve succeeded with this new product; Platino is a fine mixer simply looking for the right cocktail. It works very well in a  classic daiquiri, and use its buttery flavor to enhance a mango daiguiri.  Atlantico Platino is a winner.

Reviewed:  November 2011 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

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