B B Rum - Elixer of Bois Bandé - The Power Shot

Belfast Estate Bois Bandé

Product of:  Dominica
Aged:  3 Years or less (est.)
Price: under $10
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Flavored/Spiced Rum
RG Rating: 9

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth.  BB rum shows an attractive, bright shade of copper.  Aromas are gentle enough to require a little coaxing, but reward you with pleasant, not too forward wood and moderate caramel; slightly earthy and sweet, with mild esters, paraffin, and perhaps a little tropical fruit and cinnamon.  The initial taste is woody, more cinnamon, slightly sweeter and less ester bite than the aromas hinted.  A creamy full body is just short of thick, leading to a long lasting finish that starts a little spicy, turns sweet, and ends off-dry.

BB Rum Poster-RG1

Whereas so many things in the Caribbean - from conch sushi to bois bandé rum - are reputed to have stiff powers, few can be counted on to deliver as regularly as rum infused with the bark of the Richeria-Grandis or “bois bandé” tree.  Literally meaning “Hard Wood” in old French, the name is aptly given whether it applies to rooted species or those with three legs.

Belfast Estate (Dominica) rums

The label declares the rum’s intent about as blatantly as the Surgeon General’s warning on a pack of cigarettes.  Picture a healthy Amerindian demigod hoisting the symbols of woman and man, as if bringing them together, excerpt, er, the male symbol is pointing Southeast.  Yet, your imagination (and hope) convinces you the rum inside will fix all that.  Well, at least the price is right, you don’t need a prescription, and your partner will clearly understand your motives when break out this bottle.

BB rum won a Gold Medal at the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival on Barbados in 2011.

Dominica’s two remaining distilleries - Belfast Estates (BB Rum) and Shillingford Estates (Macoucherie) both make unique rums infused with the bark of Bois Bandé.  Fortunately both work their magic, but unfortunately for us and our bunk mates, neither distiller exports their rum to the USA.  Pity, because BB Rum from Belfast Estate really is an easy sipping spiced rum, not too spicy, flavorful, and with medicinal qualities added for good measure.  It’s better than it has to be. 

Reviewed:  October 2011, at the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival on Barbados, and again in February 2012 at teh Rum Gallery, USA

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