Barcelo Imperial (circa 2007)

Barcelo Imperial-2007

Product of:  Dominican Republic
Aged:  more than 10 Years
Price: $30 / 700ml
Alcohol: 37.5% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 9

Tasting Notes
Extremely Smooth.  
Barceló Imperial Prmium Blend satisfies the rum aficionado's senses from the moment one looks tat this fine rum through the clear bottle, its beautiful dark amber mahogany in color enticing you to pull its substantial cork cap and sample an exquisite rum. The distiller uses only cane grown in the Dominican Republic and aged in used Kentucky bourbon oak barrels for smoothness. On the nose, it shows an incredible bouquet that is sweet, herbal and woody, with delicate noble fir tree mixed with caramel, fresh oak, vanilla, and hints of blackberry, orange, cardamom, anise and marshmallows. Wow! Sipping further reveals further complexity, adding flavors of mint, cinnamon, a bit of paraffin, but light and refreshing on the palate, with a medium-long, delicate sweet finish.

Continuing the tradition of so many fine Dominican fine rums, Barceló Imperial Premium Blend is a surpassingly flavorful, smooth sipping rum. Each attractively slender, large flask-shaped bottle is numbered, giving further indication of its limited production and exclusivity. Apparently, Barceló Imperial Premium Blend is not distributed in the USA, and may have been discontinued in late 2007. Dave purchased bottle # 5056, Series A while on a visit to the Dominican Republic in February, 2008.  [Note:  in early 2008, Barceló Imperial was reformulated to a slightly higher ABV, and updated with new bottle and packaging.  See the current rum here.

My advice: don't hastily jump right into a sipping frenzy with Ron Barceló Imperial Premium Blend. The many detailed aromas of this exquisite rum are so fine and complex that you really should sniff it for a good long while before succumbing to actually tasting it. Ron Barceló Imperial strikes me as the candy cane of fine rums.  I wish I had more of this exquisite rum.

Reviewed:  February on Samana Peninsula, DR, and May, 2008 at the Rum Gallery, USA.  Updated June 2010.

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