Barrilito Tres Estrellas

Barrrilito label

Product of:  Puerto Rico, USA
Aged:  6 Years or more
Price: $30
Alcohol: 43% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth, and light-to-medium amber in color. Aromas are subtle, with honey and citrus being most prominent, and some very mild spice.  The tastes are gentle too, consistent with hints of honey-lemon-citrus-eucalyptus and tropical fruit, with an oh-so-subtle, almost warm banana-caramel-anise flavor unique to Puerto Rican rums.  Barrilito Tres Estrellas is only a little bit sweet, with a medium-dry finish. 

Ron del Barrilito is a blend of rums aged 6 years or in charred oak barrels.  The rum is distilled by Bacardi, but aged by the Fernandez family’s centuries-old historical facility, in a combination of used oak Bourbon and Sherry barrels to create a uniquely flavored smooth sipping rum. The name Ron del Barrilito translates essentially to "rum from small barrels," a clue to the smooth, light, aged character of this nice rum. Tres Estrellas (Three Stars) denotes this rum is superior in age and smoothness from their Dos Estrellas (Two Stars) variety.

A friend and I slowly sipped our way through nearly a bottle of this delightful rum one night on Antigua before sailing away to many other rum producing islands in the Northern Caribbean. Occasionally, we added a little ice as the tropical heat warranted, but we never tired of Barrilito's warm welcoming taste. A nice easy sipping rum, it is both more humble and rewarding than demanding, a cocktail complete within itself. Widely available in the US, Barrilio Tres Estrellas is a necessary staple of any well-stocked rum locker. 

Among the many rums that work universally well as sippers, cocktail mixers, or on-the-rockers, Ron del Barrillito holds its own.  Barrilito’s high-end Tres Estrellas pleases your taste buds with an honest, subtly sweet Puerto Rican flavor, and never harsh. The bottle looks neither fancy nor impressive, but trust the Rum Gallery’s recommendation; buy a bottle in San Juan airport's Dufry shops as you travel into or out of the Caribbean.  The price is appreciably higher on the USA mainland. You will be glad your packing it when you get to your destination.  It’s a fun, moderately complex rum that asks only to be enjoyed – whatever way you prefer. 

Reviewed:  August, 2011 at Barrilito's aging facility in Puerto Rico.

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