Product of:  Brazil
Aged:  NA
Price: $30
Alcohol: 40% ABV
White Cachaça
RG Rating: 8.5

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth.  Beija is crystal clear in color, most likely due to its fine distillation and lack of aging in wood.  The moderately complex aroma is earthy and herbal with an Earl Grey tea-like quality, sweet and tart like fresh cut cane, and reminiscent of lemon grass but with milder citrus tones. Beija exhibits an altogether pleasant body of medium weight, slightly sweet with subtle hints of pepper, tropical fruit such as mango and a dry, yet nearly oily sensation. The brief clean finish is remarkable for its taste of fresh cane. 

Beija proudly trumpets the designation “Worlds First Virgin Cane Rum” reportedly awarded by the US Government in 2007.  The Rum Gallery believes the significance of that claim lies mostly in the short time between harvesting and pressing the sugar cane (10 hours), and then quickly distilling the juice, thereby reducing the plant’s tendency to sour when left cut but unattended in hot climates. Like all Cachaça, Belija is distilled from fermented cane juice, not molasses.  And arguably, their process works; Beija has a crisp, refined taste, one that stands up well in many mixed drinks. Perhaps Bejia achieves the desired flavor by adding a small amount of sweet, unfermented cane juice before bottling. 

Beija’s packaging is tastefully contemporarily too.  Its distinctive logo, combining the rendition of a curvy woman into the letter B emblazons a tall silver-white frosted bottle. It’s finished off with a cork closure device and black plastic cap. 

Beija, like a handful of new rums, is targeting trendy clubbies looking for a degree of exclusivity in their mixed drinks as an alternative to the flavored vodka’s and neutered tequila’s that fill the shelves of so many bars now. Beija contributes to the success of a good cocktail by adding a natural-tasting sweet sugar cane flavor to fun cocktails. I've been expecting a new rum to come along that would popularize our favorite liquor by attracting newcomers, and Bejia just might be the one.  Beija can be sipped neat, but it is best enjoyed when mixed in a Caipirinha, where it adds a unique and welcome complexity.  I like the taste of fresh raw cane, and am pleased by Bejia’s bottling of a spirit so true to its natural source. 

Reviewed:  March, 2008 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017