Bermudez Don Armando Ron Añejo

Bermudez Don Armando Bottle & Box

Product of:  Dominican Republic
Aged:  10 years
Price: $18 / 700ml
Alcohol: 37% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth.  Bermudez’ Don Armando Ron Añejo produces a moderate amber color in your glass, an attractive hue acquired from 10 years aging in American white oak barrels. 

Pleasant caramel and cane juice aromas are revealed initially, and then come softer notes of vanilla, oak, smoke, and butter toffee. No offensive alcohols are detected indicating a mature distillation process and long aging.  The first sip introduces you to a sweet and delightfully warm full-bodied rum with flavors mirroring the aromas. A medium-long finish leaves soft sweet butterscotch and vanilla flavors deep in your palate. 

At 157 years of distilling rum and still going strong, Bermudez produces some of the Dominican Republic’s finest rums. Don Armando Ron Añejo 10 Años starts with pure cane juice, then ages for up to 10 years in oak before bottling.  The result is not the DR’s best selling rum, but it is one of the best tasting and easiest sipping rums.  An unassuming, slender brown bottle wears an impressive gold label, and topped with a gold screw cap under black foil.   Perhaps the overbox package is more telling: cut cane stalks wearing the Don Amando label are shown slowly dripping fresh juice directly into a short ice-filled glass.  Umm.   

Bermudez’ Don Armando was my daily staple rum during a ten day visit to the Dominican Republic in early 2008.  No matter what time of day, whether flasking at the beach, mixing in a refreshing mid-afternoon cocktail or sipping as a late night apertif, Don Armando always satisfied.  With Don Armando, Bermudez successfully delivers a delicious, upscale aged rum at a very approachable price.   

Reviewed:  February, 2008 in the DR, and repeatedly thereafter at the Rum Gallery, USA.

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