Borgoe 8 Year Old

Borgoe 8-RG1-USE

Product of:  Suriname
Aged:  8 years
Price: $21
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating:  8

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth.  After swirling long legs take their own sweet time to appear. Their numbers are not large. with separation gaps between them, but they do carry on for quite some time.  Good, and all the more reason to gaze into this spirit of deep reddish brown, the color of patina’ed copper.

Borgoe 8 releases no room-filling bouquet to announce the uncorking, and its aromas do not overwhelm.  Instead, you sense a respectful rum soaked in tropical hardwood, pecans, dried tropical fruit, golden raisins, a bit of leather, then very mild scents of ginger, clove, and allspice berries.  The initial taste is understated and pleasant, delivering mildly sweet woody flavors with subtle vanillans and flour. This rum has a soft polite touch that rewards a sophisticated approach to the tasting with a delicate greeting gesture rather than a firm handshake.

The body is medium weight, gentle, and the finish tapers to a whisper of flavor with caramel and milk chocolate. 


Anecdotes - Production and Distillation
Borgoe rum is produced by Suriname Alcoholic Beverages N.V. (SAB).  Founded in 1966, the company originally bottled and distributed rum and sugar products. After a still was brought up in the mid-1980’s, SAB developed rapidly into a prominent producer of rum and other alcoholic products, such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.  Today SAB remains Suriname’s only alcohol producer.  Borgoe rum starts with molasses fermented in open-top tanks using a proprietary strain of yeast  “because it give us the flavors we desire in our spirit,” according to Nicole van Varsseveld of SAB.  The wash is distilled to 96% ABV i
n a three-column still that was installed in 1989, then aged in American white oak ex-Bourbon barrels.  Borgoe 5, 8  and 15 Year Old Rums are prepared according to the Authentic Caribbean Rum standard, which does not allow added flavorings nor coloring agents to adulterate the rum. 

The company behind Borgoe rum has and interesting history, one of continual evolution and impreovemnt of its spirits.  Suriname Alcoholic Beverages NV (formerly Surinamese Alcohol Company, or SAB) was founded in 1966.  In its earliest days, SAB bottled and distributed rum and sugar products from raw materials supplied by the sugarestate Mariënburg, Commewijne.

In 1999, the shares of the "Surinaamse Cultuurmaatschappij NV" (Mariënburg) were handed over to the famous rum and bitters producer, Angostura Ltd of Trinidad.  Immediately, a fully automatic bottling line was brought online at the facility. Production and Distillation 

Borgoe 8 is packaged in hefty, large diameter bottle typical of many fine Bajan aged rums.  It’s topped with a natural wood cap and sealed with real cork. 

Borgoe’s rear label exclaims “This regal spirit captures the diversity of the country from which it originates.  As the crossroad between the Caribbean and South America, Suriname has a long tradition of making exquisite rum.”  I must say this rum upholds that tradition well. 

Reviewed: Rum Gallery sipped from a bottling dated 25 September 2012 in November 2013 on Grenada at the Caribbean Rum & Beer festival, and again in June 2014 at the Rum Gallery, USA.  

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