Botran Añejo

Botran Anejo

Product of:  Guatemala
Aged:  8 years, Solera blend
Price: $11 (on Antigua)
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth.  A brilliant Amber-Gold color is the first attractive clue to this fine rum.  Aromas are sweet like caramel and maple sugar, smelling slightly of sugar cane, oaken vanilla, nicely balanced with fruit (raisin, apricot).  Alcohols are well integrated into the nose, with no objectionable methanol odor. Initial Tasting reveals the typically excellent complexity that Botran is admired for, mostly sweet of caramel up front, with a bit of spice at the forefront of the tongue, ushering in deeper and well integrated flavors of vanilla, maple, and oak to the mid-palate.  A full-flavored, medium-syrupy body finishes sweet, woody, fruity and long, lingering mostly on the lips, and a slight cinnamon heat in the throat.

Apparently Botran Añejo is not imported to the USA, so acquiring a bottle could prove to be a worthy challenge.  Is it worth it?  Judging by it’s lineage – Botran Añejo is distilled, solera aged for 8 years in oak, and blended by same folks who bring us the fine Ron Zacapa products from the highlands of Guatemala - so sure, it belongs on any collector’s list. The rum is presented in a tall dark brown bottle with a black label. It’s simply topped with a black screw cap closure device and a pour limiter included. 

Botran Añejo is a delicious bargain:  aged well, smooth, with a balanced complexity of aromas and flavors that hold their own against far more expensive rums (as well as your continued interest), sip after sip. Add Botran Añejo to your collection; it may well become one of the rums you find yourself returning to when looking for a relaxing, approachable sipping spirit.

Reviewed: June 2009 at the Rum Gallery, USA. 

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