Bounty (St. Lucia)

Bounty Rum

Product of:  St. Lucia
Aged:  3-4 years
Price: $7 (on St. Lucia)
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 7.5

Tasting Notes
Smooth.  The color is pale gold - almost blonde - making it unremarkable in bottle appearance.  Bounty exhibits a slight butterscotch aroma, and none of  the flavors are overwhelming, just the slight vanilla, caramel oaky characteristics of a young rum.  The simple rum finishes warm and smooth with a bit of heat.

Bounty is the rum most popular with locals on the island of St. Lucia, made with locally grown sugarcane by the St. Lucia Distillers in Castries, the capital city.  St. Lucians take great pride in their island, with it's colorful history as an embattled island see-sawing between French and British rule, plus its natural beauty (featured in many box-office hit movies), strong agriculture and rum making traditions.  Their motto is "Our Island, Our Bounty".  It’s a staple of life on St. Lucia.  The rum is inexpensive but rather difficult to find off the island, so when the Rum Gallery crew sails in the area we add several bottles of this versatile spirit to our provisions.

Note of clarification:  Bounty Rum (40% ABV) is distilled by St. Lucia Distillers on St. Lucia in the Caribbean.  It is not the same product as Bounty Overproof Rum (58%ABV), which is distilled by the South Pacific Distilleries on Fiji.  The two Bounty’s are completely different rums; hemispheres apart you could say.

Bounty is a casual, inexpensive rum for everyday drinking, neat or in mixed drinks.  I prefer to enjoy Bounty’s genuine upfront flavors in cocktails that reward an edgy rum, but I’ve been known to sip it neat too.  Bounty is easy to underestimate, but in a blind tasting arranged against four other, older, more well known and expensive rums one beautiful afternoon at picturesque Spinnaker’s restaurant on Reduit Beach, Saint Lucia, Bounty was chosen as the favorite. 

Reviewed:  February 2011, October 2010 and June 2005 while sailing around St. Lucia.

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