Captain Kidd

Captain Kidd-RG2-USE

Product of: Canary Islands, Spain
Aged:  20-30 years
Price: €13
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Sugar: 0-5g/L
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 9.5

Tasting Notes 
Captain Kidd’s shows a golden amber color in your tasting glass.  Legs bead quickly and many after swirling, dripping thin and slowly; suggesting a drier-style rum without undue residual sugar.  Several legs re-form and drip from mid-glass, well under the original crown of beads that formed from swirling.  Ah well, there’s only so much that appearances can suggest to the eyes (or mislead them).  The nose knows, and the mouth speaks the truth, so let’s press on.

A bouquet of sweet caramel & milk chocolate emerge gently from the flagon bottle, then carry on with purpose until the atmosphere in your space is awash in this rum’s perfume.  The aromas are considerably deeper and more intense, presenting the smells you find in a rum distillery’s musty barrel aging bodega.  Charred oak, leather and vanilla come to mind first, nutmeg and walnut shells riding on that beautiful caramel blanket, then lesser notes of golden raisin and dried apple.  While the aromas are big and heavy, the initial taste is less so, with dry mellow spices and less caramel than the nose suggested, spice forward, flavors of exotic hardwood.  The body is considerably lighter too, then the very smooth finish wows with wonderfully balanced wood, sweet caramel and dry spices with the addition of star anise, white pepper and pecan.  Ahhh.

Captain Kidd’s complexity unfolds during the tasting ritual, adding interest and enjoyment at each stage.  Such confluence is fitting for a rum bearing the name of a real-life Legal-Privateer-turned-outlaw-Pirate whose legend carries many contrary versions.

Captain Kidd Cap-RG6 w:Mask-USE

Translated  loosely, the neck hanger says: “Resting for 20-30 years in American oak barrels within Arehucas’ warehouses, intimately combining with the benign climate of the Canary Islands, turns this rum into an amber elixir.  Rums are selected with great care for their maturity and bouquet, producing a unique result.”

A cool brown ceramic “Onion bottle” is the shape you could imagine Kidd drank from on his 17th Century ship.  A broad base ballasts the valuable contents, preventing spillage as the ship heels.  Wooden cap with  natural cork stopper, adorned with an medallion of the adventurous Captain wearing a contemporary Tri-cornered hat and full beard flowing, rendered in metal the shade of antiqued-bronze. 

Unlike the historically controversial and much-maligned character caught up in shifty party politics, nautical redefinitions of what was acceptable (or not), and fortunes of War, Kidd – Captain, Privateer, Pirate
there’s no question about the character of the Rum that bears his name. It’s not some caramelized young spirit tarted up with additives.  It’s real rum, and it is real good.  Captain Kidd is one of a very few rums that are worthy of their legendary namesake.   

Reviewed:  September 2015 at The Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017