Cartavio Anniversario Añejo Cinco Años 5

Cartavio Anniversario 5

Product of:  Peru
Aged:  5 years blend 
Price: $20 (about $12 in Peru)
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8

Tasting Notes
Cartavio Anniversario shows deep mahogany/amber colors, reddish-brown in the bottle, with a woody tone.  Always-welcome traditional aromas await your nose; on exhibit are an agricultural cane sweetness and molasses earthiness up front, with multiple complex oaks, then lesser notes of dried fruit (golden raisin), hints of light milk chocolate, a thin vanilla and raw tanned leather.  The initial taste is full of beautifully distilled molasses-derived flavors, along with just the right amount of white pepper to add spice to the very subtle walnut and dried fruit flavors, a slight smokiness, and overall more mature than its five years would lead you to expect.  A medium weight body quickly surrenders to a lingering finish with a sweet depth, leathery, and a little warmth. 

Founded in 1929, Cartavio rums are distilled from molasses using a combination of copper pot stills and column distillation equipment. Traditional rum making methods are matched with more modern technology to produce the best of old and new; excellent rums both flavorful and pure.  Aged in oak barrels from American, Spanish and Slovenian sources adds a further distinguishing complexity.


Anniversario 5 was created to commemorate Cartavio's 75th year of making rum. Nine molasses-based rums of both pot still and coulmn still origin arecombined to create one delicious blend.  During a motorcyle tour through Peru in early 2008, I found the same rum labled simply as Anniversario, but either way it is great rum.

Cartavio Anniversario is rich, dark, and beautiful.  Judging by the honest taste, I believe its deep mahogany color is due to years of aging in oak and not from added caramel or molasses.  Easy on the palate as well as the pocketbook, though difficult to find, Anniversario is definitely worth acquiring.  

I think Cartavio is too humble with Anniversario.  The label on the domestic version reads: “Para solo conocedores” (Only for experts).  In the Rum Gallery's opinion, Anniversario is a very polished rum, moderately complex and inexpensively priced.  In my book that says: “Para todos los amantes del ron” (For all lovers of rum).

Reviewed:  August, 2009 in the Rum Gallery, USA.

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