Carupano Solera Centenaria Reserva Limitada

Carupano Solera

Product of:  Venezuela
Aged:  6-10 year old blend
Price: $18-$35/70CL (difficult to find in USA)
Alcohol: 45% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8

Tasting Notes
Carúpano’s clean golden amber hueis a bit lighter in color than you might expect of a 6-10 year old rum.  The aromas however and quite pronounced, immediately sweet and nearly pungent with toasty oak, caramel, brown sugar, dry leather and tobacco.  The alcohol is a bit forward but pleasant, a moment later candied fruit, pineapple, pear and vanilla appear, then finally scents of walnut and pistachio.  The initial taste is dry with charred wood,  more leather, and pronounced butterscotch flavors.  A medium-light body permeates across the palate, taking a bit longer to reach the back of the tongue, then delivers a finish that starts dry, turns flavorful with vanilla and oak, and ends with a lingering light brown sugar sweetness tinged with an essence of anise.

Carúpano’s distillery was  founded in 1762 by Captain Felix del Fierro, a Spanish slave trader, as Hacienda Altamira Estate, in the Carúpano Valley of Macarapana, in the state of Sucre, in the northern base of the Venezuelan peninsula near Trinidad. Carúpano claims the the coastal microclimate gives its rum unique characteristics and allows faster aging. 

Carúpano is column distilled from molasses to 95% ABV, then diluted with water to 50% ABV and aged for at least six years in used American white oak bourbon barrels.  The rums of many smaller casks are married with 10 year old reserves and grape musts imported from Spain in larger wooden barrels for 30 days before being filtered, blended and bottled.

I know scarce few people who’ve tasted Ron Carupano outside of Venezuela.  Therefore the price referenced in this review is given as a range.  Perhaps the rum can be purchased for less in Venezuela, but as an export, it’s nearly extinct.

Today, the Carúpano region is probably more well known to foreigners for its cocoa exports and authentic pre-Lenten Carnaval than for its fine rum.  As one of Carúpano‘s top rated  and oldest rums, Solera Centenaria had my interest piqued, as  I always enjoy Venezuelan rum.  Needless to say, I was anxious for a sip. I find in Carupano Solera Centenaria to be an nicely aged rum made in the classic Venezuelan style, easily enjoyed for sipping.  Consider yourself fortunate if you can find some (and at a reasonable price). 

Reviewed:  August, 2010 in the Rum Gallery, USA.

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