Centenario 30 Años Edicion Limitada

Centenario 30 Bottle-RG1

Product of:  Costa Rica
Aged:  Solera blend of rums aged up to 30 years
Price: $95
Alcohol: 40% ABV 
Sugar: 44-48g/L (
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 9.5

Tasting Notes
Pull the broad gold cap and hear a natural cork pop with excitement, releasing a bouquet of sweet brown sugar and aged oaken vanilla.

The floral sweet bouquet makes an impressive introduction, the rum’s appearance in my tasting glass – a dark walnut brown color and tremendous number of beads forming at the top of the swirl smear– enhances its image.  The drops soon combine to form slowly dripping thin legs, but a few never return to the rum in the bowl, leaving more rum exposed for aromatic indulgence.  With a healthy sniff, more dense aromas of vanilla, oak, nutmeg, toffee, milk chocolate caramel and oily nuts appear, then come lesser notes of buttery flour pastry.  

Centenario 30 B&B Blk-RG1

Upon first sipping. the rum strikes your tongue as creamy and incredibly smooth, palate coating, tasting as if it has achieved full maturity.  No doubt the sugar adds a significant mass to the body and the lingering, toffee-like finish.  Ron Centenario 30 Años produces an overall tasting effect that is harmonious, integrated and delectable.

Centenario 30 is Costa Rica’s top of the line rum, and they are justifiably proud of it.  The shapely bottle is also used by other distilleries to show off their overachievers (such as La Mauny’s incredible 1749 Millésime).  For good reason too – the bottle is impressive to behold, a shape you’d expect to contain fine expensive perfume.

Centenario 30 Year Old is only 20% older than it’s 25 year younger sibling, yet costs nearly twice as much.  Two questions are obvious:

1. Is it worth it?  Definitely.

2. Which rum, the 25 or 30, delivers a better ratio of enjoyable sipping:hard on the wallet?  My money’s on the 30 Años.  Both are very sweet, moderately complex and all too easy to enjoy.  You need both in your collection.   But if you can only have one, make it the 30 Años.  Then affording the 25 becomes easier. Rum’s this tasty, even sweetened rums, are all too rare.  

Reviewed: January 2015 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017