Centenario Gran Reserva 25 Year Old

Centenario 25-RG1

Product of:  Costa Rica
Aged:  Solera blend of rums aged up to 25 years
Price: $55
Alcohol: 40% ABV 
41-45g/L (estimate)
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 9

Tasting Notes
Appearance in the glass: beautiful reddish-brown rum like the color of finely polished mahogany.  Swirling produces a dense crown of tiny rum beads that culminate in long, sugary, thin legs that drip slowly.

A caramel and vanilla bouquet exits from the bottle the moment you pull the wooden cap.  Sniffing from a tasting glass highlights deeper aromas of toasted wood.  Considerable nutmeg spice, sweet potato, overripe mango, waxy phenol and tobacco add depth and complexity to the joy of sniffing.

Visual and nasal evidence alerts you to a richly flavored rum due to the high sugar content, and the initial taste confirms it.  A heavy weight body brings sweet spice, Centenario 25‘s taste doubles for a mature rum liqueur, with a in a long segue to a sweet finish.  Ultimately, you’ll sense more complexity from nosing than sipping, as the sugar partially obscures some of the more delicate wood flavors.

Culturally rich Costa Rica is home to Centenario.  Every rum in their portfolio is enjoyable, and they scale nicely with age and price, from mixers to sippers.  Costa Rica has become one of  the go-to tourist destinations on the narrow isthmus of Central America, and no doubt many a traveler has discovered the treasure of these rums.

Centenario is Costa Rica’s #1 selling rum, and for good reasons.  It’s many aged expressions are well made, inexpensive and tasty.  Centenario rums are dolumn distilled from fermented molasses and aged in used Bourbon barrels.  Packaging of hte 20 and 25 year old versions are a step up from the 5-7-9 and12 year olds.  Their slender cylindrical bottles are impressively heafty and tastefully understated.  A humble yet proud label is hte singluar endowment, while a wooden cap covers the natural cork stopper, making a classy opening statement. 

Centenario's 25 Year Old is consistent in flavor and aroma with their younger offerings.  All are sweet, moderately complex and eminently easy to enjoy.  Gran Reserva 25 year old is equally adept at sipping rum as it is an after dinner digestif – a complete dessert all by itself.  If you prefer mature old rums from the sweet end of the spectrum, with enough complexity to keep you sipping again and again, you’re going to love Centenario Gran Reserva 25 year old.

Reviewed: November 2014 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017