Chairman's Reserve

Chairman's Reserve rum

Product of:  St. Lucia
Aged:  less than 6 years
Price: $16-18 (in Caribbean)
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8

Tasting Notes
A medium golden mahogany color indicates aging in oak.  Mineral and sulphur aromas usually found in pot still rums reveal themselves early, follwed by caramel, mild vanilla, tropical fruit (mango, papaya, banana), then a trace of cinnamon spice arrives later.  The rich pot still headiness strikes your tongue at first tasting, followed by subdued vanilla and caramel  flavors on a medium weight, slightly smoky body.  There is some warmth in the mouth, then cocoa and burnt sugar on the medium length finish.  One friend characterized it as "A hot buttered rum without the butter" after taking his first taste of Chairman’s Reserve. 

Chairman’s Reserve is an affordable blend of double-distilled pot and continuous still rums.  Being one of the first rums I sipped and truly appreciated while sailing in the Caribbean, it brings back fond memories of the windward islands every time I taste it.   Now, I offer it to friends when introducing them to the real flavor of authentic Caribbean rum.  Positioned between St. Lucia Distiller’s ubiquitous domestic-market Bounty rum and the fine upscale Admiral Rodney, Chairman’s Reserve appeals to those who want a smoother rum for sipping or mixing.   

St. Lucia Distillers pot still

Chairman's Reserve captures the spirit of St. Lucia at a bargain price.  It is nearly a universal rum – good for the aficionado and novice alike – and it’s among the best rum values in the Caribbean.  The Chairman is an easy drinking everyday rum that goes well in any fruit punch, pairs well with coconut water, and adds an edgy floater to delicate rum cocktails.  My advice: plan to return home from your Caribbean vacation with at least one bottle of Chairman's Reserve.

Reviewed:  February 2011 while sailing around St. Lucia, but frequently and all over the Windward Islands of the Caribbean since my first sip in October 2005.  St. Lucia Distilleries' pot still photo courtesy of Robert Burr, Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.

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