Clarke's Court #37 Blend

Clarke's Court #37

Product of:  Grenada
Aged:  8+ years
Price: $42 / 700ml
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8.5

Tasting Notes
Clarke’s Court #37 Blend displays a brilliant mahogany-copper color.  Refreshingly exuberant tropical aromas are disciplined by maturity, and include banana, custard, brown sugar, nutmeg, sweet new leather, fresh oak, vanilla, light paraffin, subtle clove and cinnamon.  Upon initial tasting, #37 Blend is pleasantly lighter and more refreshing than its 8+ years in oak would suggest, delivering a moderately sweet flavor and more tropical fruitiness that spreads quickly and evenly throughout your palate.  The medium-lightweight body is perfectly appropriate in texture and viscosity for the flavors, and avoids overwhelming your tongue with the kind of thick fruity mash sensation that would come from a heavier body.  The finish is a delightful banana custard, lingering medium long and flavorful, more fruity than sweet.

Clarke’s Court #37 Blend is aged in oak for 8 years, then blended and set to a second maturation in barrels to where the flavors are married and more fruit flavor is infused into the rum, then released when the distiller feels it’s ready. As some of Grenada’s largest cash crops, banana and nutmeg flavors run throughout Clarke’s Court rums, most pronounced in Old Grog, and are evident in #37 Blend too, though tamed by many years in oak and possessing a greater breadth of complexity. 

Clarke’s Court #37 Blend was released in 2010 to commemorate Grenada's 37 years of independence, and the 300th anniversary of the establishment of St. Georges as the capital city and main port of Grenada. It is one of the prettiest towns in the West Indies, essentially the “Portofino of the Caribbean”. Clarke’s Court distillery, which first produced and blended rum as the Grenada Sugar Factory in 1937, is located nearby in the Woodlands district, and is well worth touring. Much of the older machinery for crushing sugarcane and distilling rum are intact and operating as a museum.An attractive squarish bottle with a broad gold and synthetic cork stopper is distinctive yet understated, as if to let the quality of the rum speak for itself.  Contents of bottle # 87 were tasted in this review. 

My first exposure to Clark’s Court #37 came at Ed Hamilton’s Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition in August 2010, where it earned a Bronze Medal in the Premium Rum category.  I applaud Clarke’s Court for producing Blend #37 - a uniquely flavored sipping rum consistent with the Spice Island’s character and unique spirit.  

Reviewed:  while hosting the annual rum cruise onboard Island Windjammer's S/V Diamant sailing ship in the Grenadines, December 2010.

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