Clarke's Court Pure White Rum

Clarke's Court Pure White rum

Product of:  Grenada
Aged:  NA
Price: $EC18 / $US6.75
Alcohol: 69% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8.5

Tasting Notes
Despite it’s clear color, Clarke’s Court’s Pure White Rum delivers surprisingly complex and attractive aromas of buttery white alcohol, earthy sweet sugar cane aromas, very slightly spicy and fruity (nutmeg, banana) with a hint of vanilla and lemon grass, and no off odors from undesirable heads or tails.

Disciplining yourself to taking only the tiniest of initial sips pays rewards of pleasant warmth with harsh bite, then flavors of light oak, vanilla, and mild white pepper.  Considering its high ABV and lack of aging, Clarke’s Court White rum can be sipped in moderation.  The body is heavy weight and creamy, spreading thick and quick over the tongue before the long finish ends with sweet anise flavor.  

The description on Clarke’s Court’s website shows such a quaint Grenadian twist that it bears repeating here: “Pure White is the principal product of the Clarke’s Court brand of Rum … exquisitely blended, which gives this rum its special flavour and estery aromas. It is bottled at 69% alcohol by volume (138 proof) and is a definite experience. Pure White is great for punches and it can also be drunk straight or with a dash of Angostura bitters and is an excellent mixer. It can also be used as a food preservative.”  

Distilled primarily from molasses, although occasionally diluted sugar cane syrup and cane juice  are used (condensed juice allows for storage, unlike fresh cane juice). The fermented wash is distilled to a concentrated 95.5% alcohol by volume  (190 proof), which separates the spirit from unappealing heads, tails and impurities.  Final blending before bottling at 69% ABV (138 proof) is performed to achieve a consistent flavor. 

For a well researched review of the Grenada Sugar Factory (aka: Clarke’s Court Distillery), see Edward Hamilton’s Ministry of Rum website here.

Clarke’s Court Pure White is Grenada’s most popular r
um and it’s easy to understand why:  it has universal appeal to their culture. As a rum, it is aromatic, clean tasting, and respectably potent - a little money delivers a good high.  But there’s more to it’s appeal than a quick buzz; in Grenada Pure White rum is a household staple; useful for anything from an internal elixer to an external antiseptic/joint balm to a food preservative to a …  yea, it’s the kind of rum this beautiful island needs. 

Reviewed:  while sailing in the Grenadines, October 2010.

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