Clarke's Court Special Dark (aka: Flanka)

Clarke's Court Special Dark-OK

Product of:  Grenada
Aged:  up to 2 years
Price: $EC22 / $US8.25
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 7

Tasting Notes 
Special Dark shows an attractive light golden amber color in your tasting glass.  A surprising number of legs develop (for such a young rum), with a residual crown of beads after the legs run.   Sniff, and caney-sweet ethanol is the first scent you notice.  Even blindfolded, fans of Clarke’s Court rums would know this is one of the distiller’s aged rums.  There’s the usual mild caramel and slightly vegetal fermenting smells, with subtle paraffin and oaken vanilla.  But it’s Grenada’s Spice Isle signature aromas of mild banana flambé and nutmeg that identify this as a product of the island’s largest rum producer.  Special Dark is a surprisingly refreshing sipper too.  It’s easy to drink neat, showing nice flavors of caramel, vanilla and mild banana.  The body is medium-heavy weight, delivering a fairly long and smooth finish tasting of banana flambé and vanilla-ice cream.  

Anecdotal Notes 
Clarke’s Court Special Dark is one of those must-drink rums while visiting Grenada.  If you want to fit in at a local rum shop, order the local favorite by it’s nickname “Flanka” and it’s sidekick mixer Ting.  They make a great combination, just the thing for limin island style.


Clarke’s Court Special Dark is perfectly suited to Grenada’s market - for locals and tourists alike.  Easy drinkin’, easy on the wallet, easy mixin’, and available everywhere on the island.  Don’t hesitate.  When you get to Grenada, get your Flanka on. 

Reviewed:  I finally put my tasting notes together in March, 2013 at The Rum Gallery, but Clarke’s Court rum has been with me on every trip since 1991 when I started  sailing in Grenada’s beautiful waters.  

Flanka'Ting photo courtesy of Mike Streeter at Rum Connection.

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