Clarke's Court Spicy Rum

Clarkes Court Spicy Rum

Product of:  Grenada
Aged:  1 year
Price: $EC17 / $US6.25
Alcohol: 69% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8

Tasting Notes
Clarkes Court Spicy Rum is light golden honey colored. On the nose, its surprisingly pleasant, considering this rum is 69% alcohol, which is both forward and dominant to the other aromas. After that, flowery scents are quite evident, followed by aromas of sugar/caramel, then spices like clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and white pepper. Initial tasting brings out the peppery spice, with some cinnamon and a mild buttery complexity.  A body reminiscent of caramel syrup (but much lighter) follows true to the aromas. A lip-smackingly warm but short abnd dry finish has some residual burnt sugar tastes, leaving you clearly understanding this isn’t you’re a mass-market watered down sample, but a spicy that demands your respect. That’s not unusual for the Grenada, who’s people prefer over-proof rum.  

Clarke’s Court is one of Grenada’s largest rum producers. The distillery is just a short drive from the main streets of Grenada’s picturesque and bustling capital, St. Georges, and worth a visit.  Once there, you won’t find the ancient charm of old stone ruins and rusty cane presses, but instead you’ll see a more modern facility making high quality rum that serves the cultured population of Grenada well. 

Clarke’s Court Spicy Rum shows surprising complexity and flavor.  I believe it has wider appeal than most spiced rums, better tasting than any spiced overproof has to be.  I’ve sipped it straight and found it to be rewarding.  Its put a refreshing new twist in my ‘ti punches (yes, I know that’s blasphemy to the agricole purists) and rum punch.  I could even imagine serving it over vanilla ice cream or brownies to my dinner/tasting guests. 

Reviewed: September 2008 at the RumGallery, USA.

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