Cockspur 12

Cockspur 12 rum

Product of:  Barbados
Aged:  Blend of rums aged up to 12 years 
Alcohol: 40% ABV 
Sugar: 0g/L
Context:  Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8.5 

Tasting Notes
Cockspur 12 pleases your senses with it's reddish mahogany color, aromas of caramel, brown sugar, oak, vanill, much tropical fruit and a trace of leather.  Your first taste reveals some characteristic pot still headiness, more dry than sweet but with up-front spiciness that works its way to the back of your tongue and throat. It's warm body finishes velvety, revealing flavors of light brown sugar, dried fruit, and pie crust. A second sip to confirm your tastebud'spleasure leads to a third, as the rooster continues to smooth out. 

My first exposure to Cockspur 12/VSOR was in 2005 when a co-worker  returned from a vist to his home country of Barbados with a bottle for me.   He'd been been raised on the stuff, said it was as cheap as water on the island, and wouldn't accept my money - gotta love Bajan generosity!  But I must admit, at first I wasn't sure what to make of the characteristic rich Bajan flavor, so I didn't review the rum.  Little by little, the bottle was emptied thorugh careful sipping, but I had yet to aquire the taste.  Years later I had reason to visit Barbados and while there, had an epiphany about Bajan rum.  I finally understood what I'd been missing, gained an appreciation for blended pot- and column-distiled rums, and now I enjoy them as often as possible.  Classic pot still flavors are tempered with the grace of a column still spirit, aged to full-bodied perfection.  Cockspur is one of my go-to rums while visiting Barbados, making a flavorful sipper as well as the perfect foundation for mixed drinks that need a flavor boost.

Cockspur VSOR

As with many things Bajan, adornment is uderstated. The shapely bottle is clear and the label minimal in size, allowing the rum inside to strut its colorful oaken stuff.  The simple presentation that neither boasts nor disappoints when you sip Cockspur.  Labeled as VSOR on Barbados and sold at 43%ABV per the island's tradition.

Cockspur 12 is thoroughly enjoyable; the unmistakeable Bajan pot still parentage clearly evident in the red color and complex aromas of orange marmalade and old black raisins, deeply dry and floral like pipe tobacco smoke and clove spice, which segué consistently into the flavors.  Cockspur 12 is a very smooth, buxom rum, finishing chewy, jammy, and full of semi-sweet cocoa.  Cockspur 12 exemplifies what a good Bajan aged rum should be, for a fair price.

Reviewed: December 2011 while hosting a rum tasting cruise on S/V Diamant  in the Grenadines, West Indies.

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