Columbus Añejo 7 Años

Columbus Añejo 7 Años rum

Product of:  Dominican Republic
Aged:  7 years 
Price: approx. $US7 in the DR
Alcohol: 37.5% ABV
Context:  Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 7.5

Tasting Notes
Columbus Añejo rum displays hues of golden honey or very light amber. Moving the glass toward your nose you discover gentle aromas of buttery caramel and vanilla that’s satisfyingly clean with no off alcohol aromas. Moving the glass to you lips your first taste reveals a medium body and pleasantly smooth rum that’s nicely viscous leaving a mouth warming sensation. Body flavors are  not complex, but they are closely related to the aromas you discovered a short while ago. A slightly dry, yet very smooth finish of medium length leaves the slightest ting of warmth on the sides of your tongue and throat.

Maybe I live right, perhaps I just got lucky, but serendipity and coincidence were definitely navigating the Rum Gallery toward an historic rendezvous with Columbus.  In the Spring of 2008 I brought a bottle of Columbus  Añejo home from the island of Hispaniola after a wonderful vacation to the Dominican Republic.  I stashed it neatly away in the Rum Gallery's locker, in the section reserved for Dominican rums, and promptly forgot it.  

Niña replica in SF Bay

Fast forward to October of 2008:  Columbus Day was fast approaching, and that jogged my memory of the rum I had tucked away several months before.  Quickly, a pact was forged with the bottle, myself and the famous Italian navigator.  I vowed to toast one and all on October 12, the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the New World, by sipping Columbus Añejo rum in a respectful way.  That day however, fortune didn’t just smile on me.  It shone like a bright Cheshire cat’s grin so bright and marvelous that I'm still in disbelief.  It just so happened that the world’s only accurate, hand built replica of la Niña was docked at my sailing club in San Francisco Bay.  So I boarded the replica ship carrying the bottle of Columbus rum, took a sip and a pic, and voila! A magnificent synergy of rum and history.   Yep, this is a grand life.

Columbus is nearly an ideal everyday rum, smooth and with sufficient complexity to sip neat or mix a cocktail in which your want a rum with a substantial body and a full flavor.  At the price I paid, it’s a steal, and amazing what $7 buys in the Caribbean.  Sure, Columbus Añejo is positioned toward the low-end of Barcelo’s exceptional range of delicious and complex rums.  But Columbus and crew would have been thankful indeed if they had anything nearly this good on the Niña or the Santa Maria.

Reviewed: Columbus Day, October 12, 2008, while looking at a re-creation of la Niña docked in San Francisco Bay, USA.

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