Cypress Creek Vanilla Flavored Rum

Cypress Creek Vanilla Rum

Product of:  Texas, USA
Aged:  NA 
Price: $26
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Flavored/Spiced Rum
RG Rating: 7.5 

Tasting Notes
A very pale color, like dried wheat straw, gives few clues to the vanilla flavor to come. The aromas are a little heady, slightly pungent like that of overripe sugarcane, and partially obscures the subtle vanilla, which smells mild and unsweetened.  The initial taste is (happily) far smoother and more pleasant than the aromas suggest, delivering a bigger, richer vanilla and butterscotch flavor.  A medium weight dry body adds some substance to this mildly faceted rum.  The very smooth finish lingers briefly with slightly sweet buttery vanilla, butterscotch and caramel, leaving you with an overall positive lasting impression. 

Cypress Creek Rum is literally hand crafted by D.E.W distilling, a small artisan distillery located outside of Wimberley Texas, owned and operated by  David Watson and wife Laura.  Apparently, Mr. Watson was inspired to start his distillery after visiting Mauritius and sampling its rum.  With characterisitc American ingenuity and his self-sufficient skills developed from working as a welder in the Texas oil fields, Watson built much of the distillery equipment himself. 

Cypress Creek Vanilla Flavored Rum is double distilled in a stainless steel pot still from fermented black strap molasses,.  The spirit is passed through a coconut carbon filter for smoothness and clean flavor, and flavored using a concentrated extract of Tahitian vanilla beans [good choice!] aged D.E.W.’s own white rum. 

The distinctive package stands tall, the bottle’s long neck perched over  a slender, square-shaped taper with rounded shoulders. The front label is long and black with an artistic picture of Cypress Creek and the surrounding hills. It’s sealed with an amalgamated natural cork stopper.

Cypress Creek Vanilla is smooth enough to sip and its while its flavor is more subtle and refined than many of the latest crop of flavored rums, I believe it is intended for mixing.  As a mixer, Cypress Creek Vanilla works well to add vanilla flavor without an abundance of sweetness, so it should do well in a Rum ‘n Cola, and would be interesting to combine with an edgier rum in a heavier coconut cocktail.

Reviewed: March 2011 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

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