D’Arisiti Special Reserve 10 Years Old

D'Arisiti 10 YO-RG1

Product of:  Mexico 
Aged: 10 years
Price: $25-$37 (varies locally)
Alcohol: 40% ABV 
 0-5 g/L (estimate)
Context: Premium Aged Rum 
RG Rating: 8 

Tasting Notes
A bouquet of maple sugar escapes quickly as the wooden screw cap releases.  Pour to see a light amber-maple colored spirit, then swirls and watch a a wealth of rum beads form inside the tasting glass dripping as a cacophony of legs.  Let the tasting begin!

The aromas are enticingly sweet, reminiscent of caramelized bananas flambéd in brown sugar and butter, then mild prune, nutmeg, a bit of woody phenol and wax from the oak barrel aging, and finally a hint of jasmine flower.  The initial taste is softer than the aromas suggest, with rummy honey, milk chocolate flavors cashew and a slight floral essence.

The medium weight body is fully appropriate for the flavor profile of this rum, which finishes initially sweet but ultimately dry like the affect milk chocolate has on your palate.

D'Arisiti 10 YO Handle-RG1

Packaging -  Other than an obvious homage to spirits bottles dating back more than a century, why D’Arisiti chooses such elaborate packaging is lost on me.  But the artistic presentation, with a copper handle lashed to the bottle’s neck with highly wound cordage, and topped with a wide round wooden cap, is very attractive and unique.  Style points go to D’Arisiti’s 10 year old rum’s bottle.  

Perhaps better known for their Mayan-influenced, rum-based anise and honey flavored liqueurs called Xtabentun, Casa D’Arisiti is located in Merida, northern Yucatan, Mexico.

To learn more about Casa D’Aritisti and its spectacular estate grounds, see their video here.

Casa D'Arisiti Video Image Botton-RG1

D’Arisiti’s 10 year old rum has been around for many years, but for nearly a decade has fallen into the shadows as the number of premium rums available has increased dramatically.  It’s old-school, not a contemporary big rum as has become the vogue recently – with their previously used wood finishes and higher alcohol content.  Yet it is supple, sweet without cloying, pleasingly easy to sip.  If you’re looking for a conversation starter, or a rum to introduce newbie to, then seek out D’Arisiti’s 10 year old for its flavor, packaging and traditional flavor.

Reviewed: bottle # PI003 in March 2017 at The Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017