Deco Ginger Rum

Deco Ginger rum

Product of:  Oregon, USA
Price: $22
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Flavored/Spiced Rum
RG Rating: 9

Tasting Notes
Deco Ginger rum is the color of pale lemon yellow, indicative of the natural ginger flavoring, but you won’t mistake the color for the affect that aging in oak has on rum, because it’s not aged per se.  The aromas are simple and pleasant, dominated by a refreshing ginger smell, lightly fruity and sweet like white sugar, and almost minty, similar to ginger beer.  The initial taste is sweet on your tongue tip, then the hot ginger flavor is felt mid-tongue, while in the throat it’s almost spicy like cayenne and natural tasting ginger flavor.  The lightweight body is fully appropriate for this style of spicy flavored rum.  A heavier body probably would overwhelm your taste buds to the point of masking the delicate flavors.  The finish is spicy cayenne pepper hot from the ginger.

Deco Ginger Rum is produced from fermented molasses using a combined pot still and continuous column reflux still.  A brief period of resting occurs before natural ginger is added for flavor and color.  No sugar/sweetener is added, so the recipe remains true to it’s intended purpose: great tasting cocktails!  All of Deco’s rums are handsomely packaged in tall clear bottles with a art-deco silver, black and white label, with a cork stopper sealed under silver foil. 

Unique even among spiced rum, I’ve not tasted anything else like Deco’s ginger flavored rum.  It’s perfect for cocktails that require some ginger essence and spice.  While Deco’s Ginger rum is smooth enough to sip neat or with a little ice, it really deserves a custom recipe that rewards the spicy ginger flavor.  Th espicy rum has wide appeal to many cocktails, it can used as the singular alcohol foundation for a tasty cocktail, or as a splash to add a zesty pick me up to many Caribbean concoctions.

Reviewed: September 2010 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

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