Dillon Edition Limitée 1998

Dillon 1998-Bottle-RG5-USE

Product of: Martinique 
Aged:  1
0 years (approximate) 
Price: €79.65 / $105  (Purchased on Martinique) 
Alcohol: 40% ABV 
Sugar: 0 g/L 
Context:  Rhum Vieux Agricole  RG Rating: 9

Dillon 1998 Glass-LG-RG2-USE

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth.  The bottle is so attractive, it’s almost a shame to open.  Compound curves complement the rhum, the affect shines like a highly figured bowl-back mandolin carved from flaming mahogany.  In the glass, the rhum exhibits the same reddish-brown beauty, releasing one of the most fragrant rose bouquets of any rhum.  Swirling produces a crown of beads and many, many quick-forming thin legs that dissipate rather quickly, yielding to aromas of tannic oak and anise, then lesser notes of light chocolate and vanilla, with pecan and some mild prune and papaya for balance.  Tasting segue’s perfectly, revealing wood as the most prevalent flavor on a medium-lightweight body, a warm nice spicy anise texture on the palate and a long-lasting dry finish that ends with cane/vegetal and charred wood flavors.

Dillon’s presentation of 1998 suits their magnificent rhum.  Open the richly detailed presentation box to reveal a numbered carafe rendered  in the shape of a Neopolitan style mandolin.  Labeling is understand, whereas a a heavy, gold colored metal dome-shaped cap adorns the large diameter natural cork stopper.  The proportions work.  Releasing bottle #3501 of 5000 from the box’s molded retainer lining and firmly grasping the topper liberates Dillon’s finest rhum genie –  a responsibility worth accepting.

Dillon's Copper Coumn Still at Depaz Distillery

Created from sugarcane that was harvested, fermented and distilled in a process that took all of 2-3 days during 1998.  As Martinique’s distillers say: “the cane should have it’s ahead in the mill but it’s feet still in the ground.” 

Dillon rhums are distilled in a single, copper column still operated at the Depaz distillery located on Martinique’s west coast, near the foot of Mt. Pelée.  (The column still on the right in the photo is the one that produces Dillon rhums.)  Depaz operates two of it’s own copper column stills, which are about the same size and all three columns stand in a proud row within the same facility.  While touring the Depaz distillery, a spokesman attributed the difference in flavors between Depaz and Dillon rhums to the different number of plates in the column stills used by each marque.

Dillon 1998-B&B-RG3-USE

It is rhums like Dillon 1998 Edition Limitée that make discovering new rhum destinations such pleasant reward.  After this bottle, I’m planning to visit Martinique again, buy more of Dillon’s finest, and live happily ever after.  Or at least until the rhum is gone.  

Reviewed:  June 2013 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017