Diplomatico Reserva

Diplomatico Reserva Bottle-Final-OK.

Product of:  Venezuela
Aged:  up to 8
Price: $20
Alcohol: 40% ABV 
Sugar: 6-10 g/L (
Context:  Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8

Tasting Notes
From its attractively dark, copper color, you’re prepared for a nice aged rum tasting experience.  After an initial quick sheeting of rum down the sides of your glass, multiple thin legs form, and endure for quite awhile, possibly giving clues to the blend of light and heavy rums.  Sniffing brings aromas of caramel, fresh oak, vanilla, leather, heavy flour pie crust, nutmeg and mild cinnamon, a hint of tropical fruit (mango).  The initial taste has a more spicy entry than the the aromas suggest, but the segue is complimentary, adding the residual sweet/tannic sherry from the aging barrels, plus toffee, all adding a measure of complexity to the tasting experience.  The body is a healthy average weight for a rum aged eight years, and transitions smoothly without falling into a finish of moderate duration, ending with the drier flavors found while sipping.

Diplomatico has many tools at its disposal to differentiate its rums - several stills, seasoned barrels, talent, etc.  Reserva is a blend of two different styles of distilling rum.  Fifty percent of the blend are light and medium-heavy rums distilled from Diplomatico’s unique copper batch/discontinuous column still, then aged for 2-3 years.  The other half are heavy rums distilled in their copper pot still, and aged for up to 8 years in small white oak barrels.

Diplomatico Rum Matrix-OK

Diplomatico Reserva’s bottle presentation is understated elegance, sharing the same classic, squat, frosted green bottle with Diplomatico’s exquisite Reserva Exclusiva high-end aged rum, but differentiated mainly by an orange label.  The natural cork stopper tops it off with a nice touch. 

Diplomatico Reserva – like the distiller’s other fine rums – proves beyond a doubt that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to acquire a great rum.  Equally qualified for sipping neat, on ice, and adept in a sophisticated cocktail, Diplomatico Reserva strikes a compelling bargain!

Reviewed: September 2012 at the Rum Gallery, USA

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