Dzama Vanilla Rhum Ambre

Dzama Vanilla-RG1

Product of:  Madagascar
Aged:  3 years
Price: €19.40 (in France)
Alcohol: 40% ABV 
0-5 g/L (estimate)
Context: Flavored/Spiced Rum
RG Rating: 9

Tasting Notes
Surprise!  After four years in the unopened bottle, this Dzama Vanilla Ambré rhum turned only slightly darker in color as the years passed, originally golden then finishing in an attractive shade of amber.  

A perfect concentration of sweet creamy vanilla is the most prevalent scent, followed by supportive aromas of mild flour pastry and butter.  The rhum trades complexity for harmony; after all, pure Madagascar vanilla needs no help when it comes to enticing flavor.  Let the real bean shine through - pretenders can’t even come close to this delightful aromatic rhum.  The initial taste is as full of tongue coating creamy vanilla flavor as you could hope for.  Dzama’s Vanilla Ambré rhium truly delivers all the flavor of a high milk-fat vanilla ice cream in a glass, but with warmth that continues though to the long extremely smooth finish; simple, pure, and near perfect.

Admittedly, the Dzama rhum reviewed here has been macerating its slender Madagascar vanilla bean pod for four years in the bottle, so it should be thoroughly flavored.  And so it is, and uncorked not a moment too soon, I’d say.  You see, all Dzama rhums begin with sugar cane harvested from one of three geographic areas.  The first is Nosy Be island off the northern coast of Madagascar, and the other areas are in the northwest and northeast of the mainland. Dzama prizes each of these locations for their particular terroir.  Nosy Be island is surrounded by vanilla and ylang-ylang plantations, the NW by citrus fruit cultivation, and the NE has a concentration of clove plantings.  Their rhums certainly exhibit the aromatic characteristics consistent with these predominant crops.

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Dzama Vanilla Rhum Ambre Close-up of bean

Not that it matters much with a rum you are so anxious to taste, but its common, long slender bottle accentuates the vanilla bean trapped inside.  A wooden cap with natural cork stopper adds a nice touch of Earth to the package.

Dzama produces so many rhums that their portfolio becomes confusing.  However, all of their Vanilla rhums, of various ages, stand out and win medals in international tasting competitions.  I’ve tasted several of the distiller’s vanilla offerings, and they’re all worthy of searching for and purchasing.  This one is the least expensive of the lot, and is one of the very best Vanilla rums in the world, so when you find it, buy two of this dessert in a bottle.

Reviewed:  April 2015 at The Rum Gallery, USA.

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