Havana Club Añejo Reserva

Havana Club Añejo Reservsa

Product of:  Cuba
Aged:   2-5 year old blend
Price:  $15 - $20 in Caribbean Windward Islands
 40% ABV
Sugar: 0-5 g/L (
Context:  Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 7

Tasting Notes
Havana Club Añejo displays a warm, light amber color glowing in your glass, inviting you to languish in the bouquet before sipping.  Delicate aromas of caramel, brown sugar and light milk chocolate, slightly fruity (pear, apricot) are nicely balanced by a dry characteristic reminiscent of natural tanned leather, tobacco, walnut shells and spilt oak.  The initial taste is perfectly balanced, with light caramel up front, moderately sweet flavors building from the aromas, while more harmony than complexity is delivered on its medium-weight body.  The finish starts subtly sweet then ultimately ends mildly dry with just enough residual vanilla to ask for more.

Añejo Reserva stands up well at the more affordable end of Havana Club’s line of fine aged rums, representing a real bargain.  Exported widely throughout the world, it presents a more flavorful alternative to many other high-production-volume light rums.  Packaging is interesting, sharing the same slender, brownglass, tall tapering bottle as the distiller’s slightly more pricey and older 7 Años.  Havana Club Añejo Reserva is truly a classic rum.

The Havana Club brand was established by Jose Arechabala in 1878, and nationalized after the Cuban revolution in 1959-1960. Since 1993 the rum has been produced by Havana Club International has produced the rum since 1993, after the French Pernod Ricard company formed a joint venture with the Castro regime to distill and market Havana Club rums.  It has since become a widely successful brand in Europe and is found more widely in the Caribbean every time I visit.

Followers of the Rum Gallery will notice I’m a big fan of Havana Club rums.  Like it’s older siblings, Havana Club Añejo Reserva is pleasant to sip, is perfectly suited to a proper Daiquiri, and ensures the authenticity of your Cuba Librés.  Light, refined, versatile, authentic: what more could I want from an inexpensive Cuban rum?  ‘Availability in USA’ you say?  Ah well, yes, someday I hope.  My advice to fellow Americans: in the meantime, travel overseas, North to Canada, South to the Caribbean, or East to Europe and enjoy what the rest of world’s lucky souls take for granted.  As for me, I’ll order Havana Club rum neat, anywhere and as often as I can get it.

Reviewed:  January 2010 and subsequently whenever I’m in the Caribbean.

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