Jack Iron

Jack Iron rum

Product of:  Grenada
Aged:  up to 3 years
Price: $6 in the Grenadines
Alcohol: 70% ABV
Context:  Overproof Rum
RG Rating: 7

Tasting Notes
As the name suggests, Jack Iron is Strong.  Yet it’s also smooth, at least for an overproof rum with such a high ABV.  An over proof light, almost clear rum, made from a secret recipe, which includes ageing in oak casks, so that its amazingly gentle on the palate when enjoyed neat. Though not for the faint of heart, it delivers sweet strong ethyl alcohol scents with few other discernable aromas. Taken straight, the medium body produces the typical chemical reaction of ethyl alcohol in solution on your tongue: noticeable real warmth. At least you’ll get that much before the clinical numbing effects take over, then a quick finish. 

Jack Iron is commercially produced by Westerhall on Grenada, but many of the local bars and stores bottle their own knock-off version of the overproof spirit in what ever container they can rinse out.  You’ll find Mr. Jack Iron laying low in the Grenadines, hanging around on Carriacou, specifically in the main town of Hillsborough, a ramshackle collection of a hundred rum shops and one gas station.  As the sign from a Hillsborough market proves, Jack Iron is a staple of life there.  
Approached with respect for his strength, you might actually develop a kind of likeness for the legendary guy.  

Carriacou Market has Jack

Jack Iron rum is the stuff of fable and mystery, of fame and foible – fun in good measure but disastrous when overindulged.  Rum and Cola is a more potent drink in the Grenadines than in the USA. Beware what you order in one of the local rum shops.  I prefer to use this hearty overproof rum to wake up to fruity rum punches with added flavor.  It’s usually only consumed neat as a right of passage, as a tourist test of sorts, and even the most serious drinkers need courage to finish a shot. You aren’t likely to to drink this rum every day unless you’re in the Windward Islands, but it's certainly more fun than the everyday mass produced 151 proof stuff at your local liquor store.  Don’t leave Grenada without it!

Reviewed:  December 2011 while sailing in the Grenadines.

© Dave Russell 2017