Longueteau Agricole Blanc 50°

Longueteau 50° Blanc Blk-RG2

Product of:  Guadeloupe, FWI
Aged:  NA
Price:  €7.45 (US$10.15) on Guadeloupe 
Alcohol: 50% ABV 
Sugar: 0 g/L 
Context:  Rhum Blanc Agricole 
RG Rating: 10

Tasting Notes
Longueteau Agricole Blanc 50° shows the color and clarity of a perfect diamond.   Legs form and run quickly, sheeting down the inside of a tasting glass, leaving only small droplets  of rhum at the top of the swirl's trace.

The aromas well reflect their source; the fresh sugarcane sweetness is perfectly balanced by the cane’s vegetal grassiness, and there’s soft vanilla, sweet buttery croissant, and mild coconut scents too. It exudes odors the way you imagine all great rhum blanc agricole’s should.

On the palate, a medium weight body delivers another dimension; mild lemon citrus zest flavor that compliments the aromas.  The finish maintains those flavors consistently from tip of tongue through mid-palate to throat.

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Longueteau distillerie was founded in 1895 by Henri Longueteau on the island of Basse-Terre, and continues to produce several expressions of agricole rhum from fresh cut sugarcane.  It is the oldest distillery in Guadeloupe still active in producing rhum.  The founder was entrusted with the property by Marquis de Sainte Marie.  Like many of Guadeloupe’s distillery, Longueteau is family run, now by fourth generation descendant François Longueteau.  The distillery also produces the excellent brand of rhum called Karukera, which was the Amerindian name for Guadeloupe.  Longueteau 50° rhum blanc uses the fresh pressed juice from two varieties of estate-grown sugarcane, “blue” cane and “red” cane.  The distillery claims the two varietals were selected for their powerful aromatic qualities.  The cane is harvested by machine between February and MayAfter fermentation in open top tanks, the low wine is distilled in a single column still. 

Longeteau Blanc 50° 'Ti Punch-RG1

Longueteau Agricole Blanc 50° is an exemplary Rhum Blanc Agricole in all aspects.  Serve it neat to your guests to make them understand – and to remind yourself – what a perfectly crafted fresh sugarcane rhum should taste like after all; Distilled Sugarcane  Then try it in a classic ‘Ti Punch with minimal sugar and lime, Guadeloupe style with no ice.  It doesn’t get any better.

Reviewed: June 2014 at The Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017