Los Valientes 10 Year Old

Ron Los Valientes 10 Años-RG2

Product of:  Mexico
Aged:  10 years
Price: $35 / 50cl
Alcohol: 40% ABV 
Sugar: 0-5 g/L (estimate)
Context:  Premium Aged Rum 
RG Rating: 8

Tasting Notes
An incredible, Pinot-Noir-meets-soft-leather bouquet emerges like a genie. The rum certainly knows how to make an inviting entry.
In the glass, a color of polished brown walnut furniture greets your eyes, and swirling releases a few dozen slender legs, which dissipate rather quickly.

Aromas are of such a wonderful true rum, as you wish so many more, higher-priced rums would smell.  The old wet leather continues, joined by overripe fruit (mango, prune), softened by vanilla and nutmeg spice.  Lessor notes of heavy-crust pumpkin pie and mild paraffin emerge later, joined by hints of earthy sugarcane and premium molasses.

Upon my first sip, my mind’s voice exclaimed ‘Wow’: it’s more refined, and sweeter with butterscotch than I anticipated.  The complimentary  but exuberant aromas display more proper manners in the mouth, where the rum’s leather texture continues to intrigue and please.  A medium-heavyweight body fits the rum perfectly, providing structure and vehicle to the mildly sweet rummy molasses and mild bay leaf finish.  Orta vez, por favor.

Ron Los Valientes is also nearly unique in its use of both sugarcane juice and molasses.  The vast majority of the World’s rum distilleries distill fermented molasses, perhaps less than 10% use fermented cane juice, and I can count on one hand the distillers that bottle a rum that blends both. 

Dale Sklar, principal of Ron Los Valientes contributes his insight:  “it is a true Mexican Rum.  A similar blend is produced and bottled in Cordoba, Mexico by our producers, Licores Veracruz sa de cv and sold under their brand name of Ron Mocambo …”

The rum plays homage to the fighters of the Mexican Revolution, whose name it bears. The label art includes an image of a shield with a sword and gun, barrels, and a cross.  It’s been available since circa 2009, but doesn’t make many appearances in my market. That’s a pity, because it has it’s own flavor and aromatic style that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Reviewed: bottle # L WSI-117249 in February 2017 at The Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017