Mocambo Art Edition 20 Year Single Barrel

Mocambo Art Edition 20 Year Single Barrel

Product of:  Veracruz, Mexico
Aged: 20 years 
Price: $39
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context:  Premium Aged Rum 
RG Rating:  8.5

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth.  Mocambo’s Art Edition 20 Years shows a unique, deep brown color from prolonged aging in oak.  Aromas of dried fruit, like raisin, prune are clearly evident, and to a lesser extent one detects a hint of anise, cut hardwood, rancio, and a trace of Madeira-like sweetness.  The medium bodied rum tastes of leather, tobacco, charcoal, and a slight bit of anise.  Mocambo 20 year old finishes a bit dry after lingering for awhile as it tapers off nicely. 

Mocambo’s 20 year old Art Edition received  a Silver Medal at Ed Hamilton’s 2007 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition in New Orleans.  Since first tasting it in that competition, I was very pleased to find the rum has reached broader US distribution, as it is unique in flavor and packaging.  First and most obvious is the bottle, designed by Mexican artist Victor Fernandez Limon.  A long-necked slender bottle not unlike many used by higher-end tequila’s, each vessel of Mocambo 20 year Art Edition is different, being wrapped in the wispy material from the Amate tree, and topped with a solid cork cap.  The presentation is similar to the mace that surrounds nutmeg shells, Spanish moss, or even a heavy spider’s web.  Adding to its exclusivity, each bottle is numbered and barrel noted (Rum Gallery tasted bottle number 014 out of of 230 from Barrel No. 94).  Mocambo Art Edition is essentially the same rum as  Ron Valientes 20 year Old, and both offer characteristic, distillery-specific aromas and flavors.  It is a unique visual addition to any collection.

Smokey, leathery, charcoal smooth and unique, Mocambo 20 is a pleasant sipping rum, and worth owning simply for the bottle.  More importantly, collect this rum for occasionally exposing yourself to a set of flavors that are balanced in an agreeable manner quite distinct from any other rum.  

Reviewed:  July 2008 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017