Mocambo Solera Añejo

Mocambo Solera Añejo

Product of:  Mexico
Aged: 6 years (Solera method)
Price: $30
Alcohol: 40.5% ABV
Context:  Premium Aged Rum 
RG Rating:  7

Tasting Notes
Smooth.  Golden amber color. Attractively sweet on the nose, with slight floral perfume, and subdued alcohol. Once sipped, Mocambo surprises with some interestingly complex flavors of cigar, cedar, cactus, and black licorice. Lingering black coffee and smoky dry finish.

One of a few rums made in the Solera method, whereby rum's of different ages are kept separate and left to mature in oak. The rums mellow with age, and the younger rums are periodically blended into some of the older rums until the desired aging and flavor is achieved. I've tasted a very few rums made in this unique system, and found them all smooth and complex.

Update January 2012 – The bottle pictured here, and the rum inside, were purchased in the uSA in 2006.  I'm not sure if Mocambo Solera Añejo is still in production or imported to the USA.  Certianly however, the price would have to be reduced to fit into the distiller's portfolio or rums.

Mocambo Slera Añejo is a pleasant, somewhat overpriced rum. Nice and smoky when served neat. On the rocks with a twist of lemon turns this rum into a refreshing cocktail. I suspect it would be good to partner with semi-sweet chocolate. Its flavors are easily detected, making Mocambo Solera Añejo a candidate for a rum tasting party where you want your beginner guests to feel like they've learned something easily.

Reviewed: November 2006 at the Rum Gallery, USA

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