Montanya Oro Dark Rum

Montanya Oro

Product of:  Colorado, USA
Aged: 6 weeks
Price: $29
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context:  Premium Pale Rum 
RG Rating:  7

Tasting Notes 
Very Smooth.  Pale golden straw in color denotes Montanya Oro Rum’s relatively short tenure in American Oak Barrels and added honey. The nose reveals simple, clean and pleasant notes of buttery vanilla, honey, and a light sweet alcohol.  Initial taste reveals a medium body, moderately warm, dry, charcoal and woody, with flavors of cocoa, vanilla, and traces of white pepper. The finish is medium in length and warm with a hint of caramel, honey, and light chocolate lingering on the back of the tongue.Montanya Oro Dark rum is an American recipe from start to finish:  Mix Hawaiian pure cane sugar with water from the San Juan range of the Rocky Mountains, ferment with champagne yeast, distill in Silverton, Colorado, follow up with a short aging process in once-used Woodford Reserve Bourbon or Stranahan's Whiskey barrels. At 9300 foot elevation, Colorado’s thin dry air and wide temperature variations force the rum into and out of the pores of the fresh oak barrels, allowing even a short aging period to impart flavor characteristics.  Finish by adding caramelized mountain honey to enhance complexity and color.

The round bottle is tall and slim with a colorful but tasteful label. It’s sealed with a real cork stopper under copper foil.

Montaya Dark rum is clean and straightforward, smooth and pure enough to sip, but its pure, simple flavors and relative lack of complexity lend it better to mixing in mild cocktails where a bit of caramel, cocoa and smoke can contribute to the overall experience.  

Rum Gallery has chosen to place Montanya Oro within the Premium White Rum context, because: a) its color comes not from aging but from added caramel; and b) it isn't aged to any significant period of time - only six weeks.

Reviewed: May 2009 at the Rum Gallery, USA

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