Montebello Vieux Rhum 6 Ans d'Age

Montebello Vieux Rhum 6 Ans d'Age

Product of:  Guadeloupe
Aged: 6 years
Price: $21 (Antigua duty free)
Alcohol: 42% ABV 
Sugar: 0 g/L
Context:  Rhum Vieux Agricole 
RG Rating:  8.5

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth.  Montebello Vieux Rhum strikes a beautiful Color of yellow gold from six years aging in oak barrels.  It’s aromas are delicate and buttery, with mild unrefined honey, creamy caramel, fruity (pear and apple), slight alcohol edginess, less anise than many agricoles, mild coriander spice rounded out with a hint of old wood, subtle earthiness more similar to dried wheatstraw and less of sugarcane.  Tasting reveals a rhum that is initially soft with sweet anise and coriander flavor supported by a supple, medium-light body.  The finish is more expansive with a fine rhum warmth that seemingly works from throat to tongue delivering brown sugar sweetness and mild anise with a pleasing lingering aftertaste.  Montebello Vieux Rhum 6 Ans d’Age is certainly worth taking time to sniff, but it definitely rewards the sipper who pauses after taking a nip to let the complex expressions work their way over your palate.

Distilled in a two-column copper still from fresh sugar cane, some of which is grown on the estate.  Distillery founded in 1930.  Screw cap (so what, the rum inside doesn’t know or care).  The bckside label claims Montebello Rhum Vieux should be appreciated as a digestif, comparable fine Cognac or Armagnac.

For more information on Montebello Distillerie Carrare, see Ed Hamilton’s report at the Ministry of Rum here:  Guadeloupe French West Indies - Montebello Distillerie Carrere - Ministry of Rum

For a fun and different twist on the traditional French West Indies drink, I took Tiare’s suggestion from her website A Mountain of Crushed Ice and used Montebello in a Mixed Ti Punch

1 part Rhum agricole blanc

1 part Montebello Rhum Vieux

Simple syrup

1 lime

Ice cubes

“Slice a piece of the lime, or use half.. and squeeze the juice over the sugar, stir to mix and add the rums - one part rhum agricole blanc and one part Montebello vieux, stir and add the ice..sip slowly and enjoy the magnificent aftertaste.”  Simply delicious.

What a wonderful after dinner companion is Montebello Vieux Rhum 6 Ans d’Age; delicate and crisply flavorful without trying to overwhelm your taste buds – works equally well sipped solo or to put a final polish of an exquisite meal.

Reviewed: July 2011 at the Rum Gallery, USA

© Dave Russell 2017