Old Grog (Clarke's Court distillery) 

Clarke's Court Old Grog

Product of:  Grenada
Aged:  4+ years?
Price: $25 (on Grenada)
Alcohol: 43% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 7.5

Tasting Notes
Smooth.  Old Grog shows a orange/amber color.  Aromas are unmistakably reminiscent of bananas a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg.,  It's a medium bodied, nearly creamy rum, with a mild bite but again delivering substantial tropical flavor of bananas. The finish is long and buttery and has a consistent flavor. 

Old Grog is distilled from molasses by Clarke's Court, the largest producer of rum on Grenada. Apparently the name "Old Grog" does not refer to Admiral Vernon, whom the slang term "Grog" was coined after.  Rather, Old Grog supposedly dates from early days when  Grenada rum was shipped to his Majesty George III of England.  In order to identify the King's Rum, the casks were marked G.R.O.G., which is the abbreviation for Georgius Rex Old Grenada. 

Regardless of the legend, Old Grog makes for an interesting, flavorful sipping rum, amost like a banana dessert. Sip it neat, on ice or use its fruit flavor and mild spiciness to add a tropical element to a rum cocktail.  Packaging includes a unique burlap drawstring pouch to wrap the bottle in. My first esposure to Old Grog came while anchored near Gustavia, St. Barths.  The Captain of  S/V Mandalay, a three masted tall ship built in the mid-1920's, presented it to me as a gift.  I never forgot it, and still enjoy Old Grog today.

Old Grog is distinctly flavored, smooth, and … different. You could almost categorize it as a flavod rum, but I prefer to think of it as uniquely capturing the flavors and spices of Grenada.  It's banana flavors and smooth buttery finish make it a pleasant dessert rum too.

Reviewed:  October 2011 on Barbados at the second annual Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival.

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