Pampero Anniversario

Pampero w:Sack

Product of:  Venezuela
  4-6 years
 40% ABV 
Sugar: 16-20 g/L (esitmate)

 Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8.5

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth.  Dating back to 1963, Anniversario commemorates the 25th anniversary of Pampero. Inside its leather pouch, this fine añejo rum is sealed in a squat, individually numbered, barrel-shaped bottle. Well balanced, dark amber colored rum. Subtly spiced, slight caramel sweetness with just a whiff of smoke, and maybe a hint of vanilla on the more discerning palates. A flavor to savor. Sip neat at room temperature - needs no ice. Look elsewhere for a mixing rum.

From the minute you open the leather pouch, you know you're in for something special. Pampero Anniversario does not disappoint. At first, the taste is like a bouquet, in which each flower complements the color and scent of the others. Pampero Anniversario rewards your senses with a perfectly understated, slightly sweet spice, medium full body you can really roll around on your tongue, then finishes long and warm. Has more in common with a baked dessert than a distilled plant. Okay, can you tell I'm a big fan of this rum? And why not? No matter how long I'm away from this rum, it always welcomes me back like an old friend, gracious and hospitable, with no pretense. Like, 'just glad to see ya bud.' 

Pampero Anniversario is one of those rare rums I can drink anytime, without having to be in the mood for it. Pampero Anniversario is so well put together, with no demanding eccentricities, that I would definitely recommend this to friends who looking for an initiation into the world of fine rums. And be sure they'll be drinking it long after they've sampled others.

Reviewed: February and June, 2006 at the Rum Gallery, USA

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