Plantation 3 Stars

Plantation 3 Stars Bottle-OK

Product of:  Blended and bottled in France, distilled on Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad.
Aged: blend of rums; some unaged, others aged 3 and 12 years.Price: $24.99 SRP
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Premium White Rum
RG Rating: 10

Tasting Notes
Extremely Smooth.  Plantation 3 Stars shows brilliantly clear, the rum sheets quickly down the sides of your glass, rapidly forming many short legs; typical behavior for unaged, cleanly distilled spirits.The bouquet tells me there’s more going on than just ethanol here.   Aromas are clean, with subtle pot still dunder (Jamaica soul) and tropical fruit smells (Barbados’ elegance) riding atop a slightly sweet alcohol, and mild meyer lemon citrus, vanilla characteristic of Trinidad rums, a bit of vegetal sugarcane and perhaps a hint of nutmeg that seemingly have more depth than punch.  But 3 Stars is a mixing rum, putting a premium on tasty flavors.  Once sipped, Plantation completely satisfies, with a perfectly balanced sweet buttery texture, a body that is (pleasantly) heavier than expected, delivering mild vanilla, caramel and floral flavors.  The finish is extremely smooth, rather long lasting for a white rum, and mildly caney sweet to the end.  Touché, Plantation, you nailed it.

Plantation named their 3 Stars after the three rum-producing stars of the Caribbean from which their white rum is crafted: Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica.  It is the Rum Gallery’s principle that the rums reviewed here must be evaluted within the context of what they are trying to be.  Holding 3 Stars to that compass, it’s useful to see what Alexandre Gabriel,  proprietor of Cognac Ferrand, intended.  He desired “…to develop a rum that shows character, elegance, complexity and a great finish – the ideal rum for cocktails … beginning with a 3-year aged Trinidad rum, carbon filtered to maintain its white colour and to remove the heavier tannins while preserving the aromatics developed and refined by aging. Un-aged rums from Barbados and Jamaica are blended, along with a 12 year old rum from Jamaica. The Jamaican rum is an expensive ingredient but key to the taste of the overall blend.  Trinidad brings elegance and refinement, Barbados brings character and aromatics with fruit notes without being too heavy and Jamaican brings the funk, the touch that makes it a complete product.”  

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Even the final bottled proof of 41.2% ABV is unique, especially for a rum designed to be diluted in mixed drinks.  But seemingly random specificity is always more compelling and perplexing that a the average of mediocrity, and the slightly higher alcohol content keeps customers wondering, and just that much happier. 

Simply put:  Plantation 3 Stars redefines white rum.  Sorry other distillers, but there is a new bar to jump over, and 3 Stars has set it very high.  Sip it neat, and be completely satisfied with the complexity of its aromas, flavors, smoothness; its eminent drinkability.  Then try 3 Stars in a classic daiquiri.  True, its not the classic Cuban-style rum of Hemingway’s time, but it might be even better.  At $25  a bottle, Plantation has an uphill climb to success in the marketplace, but perfection always defies pricing. 

Reviewed: September 2012 at he Rum Gallery, USA

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