Plantation Grenada 2003

Plantation Greneda 2003-RG

Product of: Distilled on Trinidad, aged on Grenada, matured and bottled in France.
Aged:  8 Years on Grenada, then more time in France.
Price: $44.99 (SRP)
 42% ABV 
Sugar: 16-20 g/L (
 Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8

Tasting Notes
Extremely Smooth.  An attractive copper-mahogany color welcomes your eyes to Plantation’s Grenada 2003 vintage rum.  Swirl, and the rum produces more beauty, in the form of plentiful well-structured legs each one running at its own pace to the affect continues for quite awhile.  Let the legs play out, tilt your glass, and sense the sweet  caramel and vanilla.  The bouquet is like a mild cocoa milk chocolate.  Then aromas of sweet tropical fruit, toasted oak, woody spices (mild nutmeg of course) and the more aggressive aromas imparted by secondary aging in used cognac barrels.  Already this rum offers sensory cues quite different from other Grenadian rums.  Tasting delivers flavors perfectly consistent with what your nose told you to expect; a beautiful toffee-like rum with a slight Cognac edge on a medium-weight body.  The finish can never be delayed too long, but it does leave behind a caramel sweetness the length of your throat and lips ultimately drying as if tempting for another sip.

Plantation Grenada 2003 is sourced from the Westerhall distillery, whose rums are steeped in Grenadian culture.  Westerhall's ten year old Vintage rum is one of the Spice Isle’s smoothest.  Westerhall no longer distills their own rum, instead they import column-distilled rum from Trinidad, then age it on Grenada for up to eight years in used Bourbon barrels.  Once matured on the Spice Isle, Plantation Grenada 2003 is sent to the posh finishing school known as Cognac Ferand in France for secondary maturation in used Cognac barrels until its ready for blending and bottling.  A final trans-Atlantic crossing brings it to Rum Gallery’s locker.  Whew - this rum has more customs stamps in it’s passport than many international traders!

Warning:  Do not confuse Plantation Grenada 2003 rum with Westerhall Plantation rum.  While both are excellent rums in their own context, they are world’s apart in finish.

For all its transoceanic travel, multi-island exposure and double-barrel aging, you’d expect this rum to exhibit a maturity and refined character advanced beyond its years.  Plantation Grenada 2003 scores on all levels.  Let  Plantation do the traveling for you, but listen to its sweet story while sipping slowly, and you too can appreciate its long journey.

Reviewed: September 2013 at the Rum Gallery, USA

© Dave Russell 2017