Plantation Jamaica 2000

Plantation 2000 Jamaica

Product of:  Distilled on Jamaica, final aging in France
Aged: approximately 9 years
Price: $30
Alcohol: 42% ABV
Sugar: 16-20 g/L (
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 7.5

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth.  Plantation rum Jamaica is pale orange-copper in color.  Aromas of vanilla, caramel, oak, and moderate alcohol are readily apparent. The initial taste is slightly dry from alcohol, but spicy sweet and again exhibiting flavors of buttery vanilla, cinnamon, anise, charred oak and dried dates on a medium weight body. The finish is pleasingly long warm and a little sweet.

Plantation Rum Jamaica was distilled during 2000 from a base of fermented molasses. It is distilled in pot stills and aged on the Caribbean island aged for 8 years, when it is then shipped to Cognac Ferrand ‘s facility in Ars France for a few months of additional aging in barrels that were previously used to age cognac, then finally blending and diluting with French water.  The producers make it clear they are not trying to create anew style of rum, but attempt to accentuate the characteristics of great Caribbean rums with their special aging and production techniques.

The bottle shares the same silhouette common to most of Plantation’s rums: tall and round displaying an antique style parchment paper label wrapped with a weave of dried palm leaves. It’s topped with a cork topper and finished with a dark foil and red Jamaica label. 

Plantation 2000 Jamaica Rum is a bit of a conundrum, nice to drink but as the spirit is out of synch with itself.  Aromas aren’t particularly rewarding but the body and flavors are quite appealing.  Taking the lead are heady rum, banana and coconut aromas (akin to the smells wafting up from a just-snuffed caramelized banana flambé fueled with overproof rum), somewhat pungeant and not fully developed into a smooth sniffing rum, with some tangerine sweetness.  Though the tails are short they are too pronounced. Initial tasting is rehabilitating, the flavors are pleasantly superior to the aromas, desserty sweet and light with no offensive alcohol tastes.  A deep mellow body slowly permeates across the tongue before a sufficiently long lasting finish that is initially sweet, but ultimately drier and thinner than the body would suggest. 

Reviewed: November 20102011 at The Rum Gallery, USA

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