Plantation Trinidad

Plantation 2000 Trinidad

Product of:  distilled on Trinidad, finished in France
  approximately 10 years
 42% ABV
 Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8.5

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth.  Plantation’s Trinidad 2000 rum shows a light golden color.  You’ll discover  fruity sweet aromas of orange zest, orange bonbon (shades of Cointreau and Grand Marnier) and understated pear, with a contrasting, pleasantly deep earthiness that’s reminiscent of Trinidad rum. The taste shows additional complexity, with an oily orange texture and flavors of grilled sweet yellow peppers, oaken vanilla, light tobacco or dry leather.  A medium heavy body finishes long and sweet, leaving a refreshing orange flavor.

Cognac Ferrand uses a double aging process whereby high quality aged Caribbean rums are purchased from amongst the distillers; aged stocks and shipped in bulk to Château de Bonbonnet in Ars, France.  There, the rum goes through a secondary maturation in barrels that were previously used to age Cognac. The technique is practiced by only a few distillers, but is gaining advocates. The technique definitely imparts additional complexity, aromas and flavors to the rum. 

The producers make it clear they are not trying to create anew style of rum, but attempt to accentuate the characteristics of great Caribbean rums with their special aging and production techniques.

The Trinidad iteration of Plantation Rum was distilled in 2000 from a molasses mash that fermented for a short time before being distilled in a column still to produce a refined light spirit. The distillate was aged for 9 years on Trinidad before going into secondary aging in cognac barrels. 

The bottle shares the same silhouette common to most of Plantation’s rums: tall and round displaying an antique style parchment paper label wrapped with a weave of dried palm leaves. It’s topped with a cork topper and finished with a dark foil and red Jamaica label.

Wonderfully smooth and mildly aromatic, Plantation 2000 Trinidad rum is light yet full bodied spirit that works equally well before or after dinner.  Because the rum is fruity and delicate, I can’t imagine mixing it in a cocktail.  But sip it neat and treat yourself to a wonderfully subtle yet complex gem of a rum.

Reviewed: October 2011 at he Rum Gallery, USA

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